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I now have a new laptop which is good because my old one lost internet connection two years ago and I've not been to bloodcaim or posted in all that time as I only had a work pc. For the past couple of weeks I've been reading Bloodclaim and the Spander files and getting used to my Samsung Google chrome laptop. personally I wish I had got a windows one which I'm more familiar with, but I didn't want to disappoint the guy in Currys. My bad. Anyway this is my first post in god knows how long and all I have to figure out now is how to get my document from 'the cloud' and paste it onto this posting template. Simples huh? If only it was that easy for a divvy like me. LOL

Not sleeping

I can't sleep. I have been laying in bed for the past two hours trying to sleep. I wonder why I can't, possibly because I napped this afternoon after having too much wine with my lunch, or cause I'm thinking too much, either way it's made me creep downstairs as quietly as possible, make a cup of coffee and pick up my trusty laptop. Ah but what to do now. Write some more or browse tinternet. Drink my coffee and start a new story I think. Might actually get around to posting some of them one of these days.

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To Look

If a picture paints a thousand words then what can a look do?
Looks – there is a saying ‘if looks could kill....’, looks can certainly hurt and wound but then again at the other end of the spectrum you stumble across what most of us would like to see - the look of love.
A look, a stare, a gaze, a gazely gaze, a fond gaze, a glance, a knowing one, a sly one, a glimpse, a glare, a peek, there are so many ways to say look and so many ways to describe it, but then again sometimes all these words are superfluous because the look you see needs no words, it just makes you feel.

You look at me. Definitely not a gaze, sometimes a glance but more often than not it’s a look or a stare, possibly. Occasionally knowing, often sly, but then it became lingering. At first I found it unsettling and countered it with my own look; you’d glance quickly away when you caught my eye, but then it would slowly slide back. I could feel it on me; I tried to ignore it, but I had to do that consciously and it really didn’t work for me. Not great with the multitasking! Then, after a time, I got to feeling that if your eyes weren’t on me I’d feel naked, alone, it was as if your look was a blanket wrapping around me, keeping me warm and safe, familiar. I got so’s I’d crave those eyes on me, if they strayed away and looked at someone else I’d be jealous, sometimes I even said hurtful mean stuff to whoever had stolen my look, then that gaze would slide back over me, making me feel safe again.

I tried sometimes to catch you before you started looking at me, when you were unaware, when something else had taken your attention. Before the looks, I never really actually ‘looked’ at you, yeah I saw you, but never looked at you, mostly through you, and then when I did ‘see’ you, god was that a revelation.

To See

They say you can hide in plain sight, also you can’t see the wood for the trees; that was me, not seeing the wood for the trees I think. When I looked at you, really looked, I was overawed by what I saw. It was an awakening. As if for all this time, most of my life I’d been dormant, and then – kapow!

You aren’t handsome in the classical sense, not far from it, even tho you’re a guy – you are so Mr Testosterone - masculine to the max, but you just – you have the face, I know its trite, but you really do have the face of an angel. You are beautiful, and it took me years to realise, to actually see past your front, to appreciate your power and beauty, to actually notice what you really looked like and not hate you for what you were/are.

The clear lines of your face, your aquiline nose, cheekbones models would kill for, that perfectly proud chin, lips that aren’t quite thin enough to be mean, but not plump enough to be girlie, eyes the colour of an infinity pool and eyebrows that could equal Roger Moore. Although I’d never touched, I imagined that your hair would be as soft as down after all the chemicals were washed out of it; it would curl around my fingers and slip through them like water. That’s what I saw.

But, when you looked, and those all knowing eyes slid over me making me feel so special, later, I caught them and held them for a second - I could see the emotion directed at me and the longing I saw made me afraid. Did that look mean your longing was for me? Yeah, get real. It must have been for something else I thought, but your gaze flickered away like lightning, making me think you didn’t want me to see what your look was saying.

That first time, I was afraid cause the look was so deep, so possessive, it turned my stomach, made it flutter, made my skin flare, made me hot and uncomfortable thinking I was the object of such a passion filled gaze, such emotion.
The next time I held the look for a little longer, it told me things, whispered to me, excited and scared me in equal measure, but even so I craved more. I didn’t think something so fleeting as a look could make me feel so alive.

To Know

But the third time, that was the charm. I looked, and I saw and I knew, I knew what your eyes were telling me and my heart sang. It seemed as if you held my gaze for minutes but I know it was only a few seconds; something passed between us and we knew. I was still scared, petrified in fact, but happier than I could ever remember being as well. That night when we packed up and you walked me home, remember? We didn’t speak I don’t think, I know I was so nervous, but we got to my place and I invited you in.

Once the door closed it changed things. You relaxed, I could see it so clearly, but then I saw your expression and you were like me, scared. You had no need to be, you could have done anything to me then and I would have let you, even if you’d ripped my throat out I would still have happily let you because of that last look. It spoke to me, told me you would be mine and I’d be yours.

Nervous? I was sure I was sweating like a pig, but you took the two steps over to me, you said my name and gave me that look and kissed me. You had me then, and you still have me now. We don’t say it much, we just give each other the look and that’s usually enough, but I want you to know that I love you with all my heart and I never plan to stop.

So, instead of a card, you get this. I know you could say it loads better, poet and all that, but I wanted you to see it written down, to know how much I love you and what you do to me, how you make me feel, just with that one look – the look of love. Don’t ever give it to anyone else, it would surely kill me.
You are my one, my only, now and forever.
February 14th

Long time no post

It's nearly 2 years since I posted, but I've not been idle. I had a bad posting experieince to Bloodclaim and it really put me off. I write, but mostly for my own pleasure. I will post a fic in the next few days just because I can. Probably nobody will read it but then again, it's for my own pleasure.
Life has changed for me a lot in the last 2 years and not necessarily for the better. Its not what I expected but then again you can't have everything you want in life can you?

Father Figure - Part 2

Title: Father figure
Pairing: The only one that matters S/X
Warnings: m/m relationship
Disclaimer: None of it belongs to me, I make no money
Rating: PG 13
Summary: Spike is protecting Xander from his early childhood but why?

William didn’t see Xander for nearly a month in which time the new girl started school and he and Will and Jesse made firm friends with her. She was cool, Xander really liked her, so did Jesse, but he had the hots for Cordy even more.

Xander kept quiet about William, he never spoke of him to Willow anymore, he guarded him almost jealously, not wanting anyone to share him. He still had all the notebooks they’d shared over the years, from the very first to his current one. He wrote stories in it, drew pictures, even tried some poetry which he thought was terrible, but William enjoyed his attempts. William too still contributed although he encouraged Xander to do the bulk of the writing and drawing.

He’d always known Xander was an intelligent boy, he’d just needed encouragement. His grades in school, although not as high as William wanted were better than they had been, but he still had trouble concentrating, his mind forever wandering, but he was a very bright kid nonetheless.

Xander spent a lot of time with Willow and Buffy, she told them all about monsters, vampires especially, and Willow was sceptical until they encountered one and Buffy dusted it. Xander was shocked at how easily a vampire could disappear. He knew that was what William was, but he wasn’t a bloodthirsty fiend, he was his guardian for gods sake, he just couldn’t equate the two. William would never hurt him. The creature that he’d just seen killed bore no comparison to his protector whatsoever. He was upset by the whole thing, but Buffy just put it down to nerves.
They reported back to Buffy’s watcher, a nice guy by the name of Giles, who somehow just happened to be the school librarian, he was OK, a bit stuffy and British, nothing at all like his William who was so far from stuffy it was unreal. He taught Buffy and told her who to kill, he taught her just like William had taught him, in fact William could be a watcher too Xander thought.

They’d been getting along quite well all of them when a new guy showed up. Xander immediately knew who he was. Buffy was rally keen on him and Xander just wasn’t, Buffy thought Xander was jealous and was rather flattered, but just like William told him, he never trusted the brooding one. Not an inch.
He often caught Angel looking at him in a speculative kind of way, weighing him up. On one such occasion Xander went over to him.
“Stop looking at me broody. I know you Angel, I know your kind and I know what you’ve done and who you are. Why don’t you just leave? Does she know what you are yet? Have you told her?” Angel was shocked, but by his brooding appearance no one would have known.

“Don’t know what you mean Harris. I’m just an ordinary guy.”
”Oh yeah, so ordinary you don’t even have a pulse!” Again Angel was stunned by Harris’ awareness. No one knew what he was, but here was this boy, this upstart - challenging him almost.
Angel had always been uncomfortable around this boy, he had a smell about him that unnerved him, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it. Xander didn’t push too far, William had told him a tale or two about Angelus. Xander made good use of the books at the back of the school library, he read up on Angelus, the Scourge, and about Dru and Spike who he’d never heard William refer to, although there was a lot of references to William the Bloody. Could that be his William? He sounded an absolute bastard if he was. No, he discounted it, it was not his William. But then he’d said he wouldn’t like who he had been. What if…..?

Before he knew it there were two new vamps in town - Spike and Drusilla. Xander was shocked to the core when he saw them both, Dru was beautiful in a delicate dreamy kind of way, and Spike, well it was William – but not. It was an odd encounter, Spike looked right at him but didn’t register him at all, Dru on the other hand was more than interested.

“Hello lovely brown eyed boy, he doesn’t know yet does he, my brave Spikie, he will, the stars tell me; the kitten will be his for ever and ever and a day, but you are already” and here she giggled.
He watched as Spike drew her to him and he felt a pang of jealousy go thru him. Spike looked directly at him then and Xander stared back, willing him to know him. But he didn’t. Everyone but Angel took no notice of Dru, and he too looked at Xander. He could bear Spike’s scrutiny, but not Angels. He moved to stand by Willow, feeling her closeness and being comforted. All in all it was a very odd encounter.

A week later William came back. He found Xander in a melancholic frame of mind. He hugged William close when he came in thru the window, for comfort, familiarity.
“What gives love? You’re not ever this introspective when your guardian angel comes a knockin!”
“You’ve been using lots of big words lately, been having too much alphabetti spaghetti haven’t we?” William snorted.
“Looks like somebody swallowed a can of sarcasm from where I’m sittin! What’s wrong Xan?” Xander didn’t exactly know what was wrong.
He knew for certain he didn’t like Spike, he seemed to be a real shit, he didn’t like Angel either, but hey how could you like someone whose hair never moved?
“Missed you is all. I dunno Will, it’s all changed, I don’t really like you much, I want you, not nasty you.”
”One day love, you’ll have me, but not for a fair old while, gotta go thru the rough to get to the smooth”
“Yes oh bleached protector, but how much rough do I go thru? You make it sound like a game of golf!”
“No pet, not nearly as serious!”
“I have missed you Will, stay with me? Sleep with me? Just sleep? Please?”
“You are just too tempting love. I’ll stay, but you keep under the covers and let me stay on top of em OK?”
“If that’s what it takes then I’ll have to settle for it then. Can I have a goodnight kiss tho?”
“Two or three if you’re a good boy” he promised. William spent most of the night with Xander holding him close, his arms wrapped protectively around him until dawn started to creep with pink fingers into the night sky.

William kissed Xander on his brow and crept out the window slipping silently into the night. It was sheer coincidence that a certain other vampire saw him, and chancing his arm tried to make his way into the house. He did it, and creeping through the window came into the bedroom of the boy that hung with the slayer. At that moment he stirred and his eyes opened.
“You got to leave now? Kiss me goodbye Will? Don’t stay away too long next time huhn?” He reached out to the stunned vampire and kissed him gently. “Love you, stay longer next time” he mumbled sleepily “Night” and he turned his back on Spike, completely unaware.
Spike had been ready to drain the boy just to show the slayer he could, but now, well, buggered if he knew what to make of it. The kid knew him, felt safe with him and called him Will, and if his ears hadn’t deceived him, he loved him, or Will at any rate. He’d have to consult his oracle, should he drag the boy along too?
Nah, he could get in the kid’s house, nobody knew, or he didn’t think anyone knew. He’d see what went on, plus he’d talk to his princess, he might get a coherent sentence or two, if she had a good night.

Although he was going to ask Dru’s advice Spike decided to keep quiet for a while and see where things went.
The following evening he lurked around the boy’s house and when he saw Xander heading out he followed him in the shadows. The boy headed straight for Sunnydale Cemetery which was strange in itself, he could become some fledges first snack.

He was no sooner thru the gates when two fledges approached him intent on a tasty meal, Spike decided he’d help the boy out if it was really necessary, but he’d sit back and watch how he handled himself, he didn’t think he’d manage all that well and it was a shame to give himself away at such an early stage.
The boy kept walking as if he was unaware of the vampires. The vampires appeared quite perplexed that the boy didn’t acknowledge them and didn’t seem to be in the least frightened. One made the mistake of reaching out to Xander and then suddenly there was dust in the breeze and just the one vampire.
“Hey kid why’d ya do that, he never did anything to you!!”
“He was going to eat me, shit for brains” Xander said as he turned and dusted the second stupid fledge.
Spike was mightily impressed, he’d always seen the boy as a bumbling idiot, obviously that was a smoke screen, but why? Xander brushed any dust off himself and made his way purposefully to one of the mausoleums at the centre of the cemetery. He pushed open the door and went confidently inside. Spike heard him call “Will? You here?” No reply.
Xander sat down on top of the stone coffin and waited, humming fairly tunelessly, in fact he was practically murdering Sheena is a Punk Rocker, then he started singing the words. Spike had to cover his delicate ears from the appalling cacophony, he bloody hoped this Will showed up soon if only to stop the damage to his ear drums. The singing stopped suddenly and Spike listened hard hoping nothing had happened to the lad.
“Hey Xan, you OK love?”
“Am now guardian mine!” it went fairly quiet then except for the sounds of kissing, sighing and the occasional moan. Spike adjusted himself, it really didn’t take much, and those lovely little moans every now and then coming from the boy, well, they had an effect. The kissing gradually stopped.

William held tightly to Xander.
“You’re going to leave me aren’t you? That felt like you’d never kiss me again. Please Will, please don’t. You said you’d never leave me” Xander was starting to panic, clutching at William.
“I never have love and I never will. It’s just a different me that’s going to be with you now. Spike’s here, he won’t hurt you or drink from you and he will protect you – eventually. You won’t like each other at first, but you’ll get over that and you’ll love him, cause he is me Xander, don’t ever forget that. One day he’ll go from the blood thirsty monster he is now to, well, to what you’ve known for the past ten years. You need me to look after you somewhen else love. I don’t ever want to loose you pet, and I won’t now, and I’m not going to in the future.”

“Am I in danger, am I ill, or dying?”
“Pet, I can’t tell you, just know I love you and want to be with you. Now, we’ve got the rest of the night, don’t be sad, it’s not like you’re loosing me, just think of the fun you are going to have with Spike. I almost envy myself!”

Xander however couldn’t shake the sadness from him no matter how hard William tried, and when it came time for him to leave he held Xander close for the last time.
It would be years before they finally had again what they had now. He knew his love would survive, he just hoped that Xander would feel the same. When he went back this time, that would be it. All the magic used up, no more stepping back in time. It had taken far too much from Willow, but she had been glad to do it, for his sake.
“Keep writing in the journals, anything you want, and one day when we’re older and wiser we can go thru them all and reminisce”.
“Kiss me Will.” William kissed Xander gently and when he opened his eyes, the soft feel of William still on his lips, he was alone. He began to weep, deep heaving sobs filled with grief and pain, knowing he was once again alone in the world.
Spike listened to the boy’s misery and where once he would have revelled in it, now it just didn’t feel right.
The kid loved him, HIM, William the Bloody and he loved him back, apparently. His other self had been right, he wouldn’t hurt the kid, but he wasn’t going to turn into a screaming nancy either.
He’d never let on to the kid.
It was odd thought, to be loved by a human. It made him feel strange. He waited for Xander to emerge from the mausoleum and watched him all the way home.

As Xander climbed the step to the porch, without turning around he stopped “I know you’re there” he said and walked into the house, sadness and loss oozing from every pore.

Spike didn’t know what time it was, all he knew was that he was tired and he was lonely. Xander slept, his breathing deep and regular, his heart slower than it should be but regular too. There was nothing he could do but wait and hope.
He hoped their bond was strong enough, he hoped the years of nurturing his boy would pay off. He wouldn’t live without him, he had his memories but that wasn’t enough. They were bonded and now bound to each other. If Xander faded, Spike would die, as he should, because life without his love wouldn’t be life, it would be purgatory.

Willow popped her head around the door “Spike, you need to feed and sleep, I’ll take over, come on, we’re worried about you. Xander’s not going anywhere. Please Spike? He wouldn’t want you getting all thin and bony, hey, he’ll want a hot hunky Spike to snuggle up to when he wakes, so come on Mister, get with the blood drinking.” And wasn’t that something she never thought she’d say, encouraging the drinking of blood, eewwww!
Spike looked up at her, dark circles under once bright blue eyes that were now dull and empty of life.

“He might not wake up Red, this might be it, forever. I can’t take it, this is my fault.”
“Now you listen up Mister, this is nobody’s fault, this is what Xander wanted, he wanted you and him to be bound together so if anything happened to either of you the other wouldn’t survive alone. You both wanted it, you both agreed to it. I don’t know why this has happened, but, maybe his body needs time to, to adjust. Spike, it’s been a week, it seems a long time, I know, but, he’s not suffering, his heart and breathing are all fine. We just have to wait, and you starving yourself won’t do any good. What if – hey, what if you’re making him hungry? You’re bound – it may affect him, now go – eat!”

Spike pondered this new information, what if he’d unintentionally been harming Xander while he waited for him to wake. He got up from his bedside vigil and went into the kitchen, heated up three bags of blood and downed them as soon as they were body temperature. Bloody hell but that made him feel better, Red was right.
He got another three bags out heated and drank them too, that hit the spot. He felt so much better, he’d never forgive himself if he’d hurt his Xan by not feeding.
What a tosser he was. He headed for the bathroom and a shower, he hadn’t washed in days and he was sorely in need of a long hot shower, he didn’t want Xan waking to find a smelly skinny vampire, nope, he was going to be in the peak of physical condition, and smelling good to boot.
He luxuriated in the feel of the hot water bouncing off him, warming his body, he washed himself with Xander’s favourite shower gel, savouring the smell that was just Xander. All he wanted now was to feel his boy’s hands roaming over him, lovingly caressing him as he washed him, feel his warm body against his own, his need pressing into him. Stop bloody torturing yourself git, he told himself. He knew he loved Xander, but this past week he had come to realise that Xander was more than his lover, he was his whole life, and without him in it, there was no point to anything.

Spike dressed in clean clothes, towelled his hair dry and left it ungelled. Willow was sitting in his place. “I could have sworn his cheeks got pinker Spike, how much blood did you have?”
“Nearly a full human”
“That is just gross, you could have told me in pints or bags!” Willow shuddered and Spike sniggered, he looked across at Xander and could have sworn he saw those lips twitch in a small smile. “Red, did you see that, did you?” he asked excitedly.
“Spike, I was trying hard to get over the mental image of you drinking a human, and it was a sweet little girl you were draining, ugh!”
“He smiled Red, I’m sure of it”
“See, he’s on the mend.” She told him reassuringly, but wondering herself if it were true.
“Shout if you need me Spike, but I’m tired too and I’m going to bed, Night sweetie, you too Spike!”
“See ya Red” he said to the closing bedroom door. Willow had been a good friend to him, when Xander and he were bound together by Willow she felt so guilty when Xander had slipped into unconsciousness that she had done as Spike had asked and managed to send him back into Xander’s early life, albeit 10 years too early.
Spike had wanted to go back to when Xan was about 16, but looking back he thought it was the best thing she had ever done for him.
He loved Xander all the more for the time he had spent with him as a child.

Spike decided he’d had enough of sitting in the chair, he was bloody tired as well and it was his bed too, he was sure that Xan wouldn’t mind if he got in for a bit, plus the closeness might be good for him. Spike stripped off, turned out the light and slipped into bed beside his lover of the past five years. He held Xander in his arms, it was so good to hold him again, he’d missed this contact more than anything, just the sheer nearness of him, nothing sexual, just to be able to hold him and breath in his scent. He pressed his lips to the claim mark on Xander’s shoulder. Xander automatically pushed back into Spike. This wasn’t anything new, even when normally asleep and Spike touched the mark, Xander would press against him, that’s why Spike did it, he loved the response he got from Xander.
It didn’t take the tired vampire long to find the release of sleep, Xander involuntarily moved closer to him.

He’d felt alone and so weak, now he felt much stronger, and he was whole once more. He could feel the other part of him now, the nearness of his love, his whole life.
His body had adjusted, he’d wanted to wake sooner but he had felt so feeble, the effort of waking had been too much for him. He understood what had happened to him, he remembered, in fact he remembered things that had been lost or not there.
He knew deep within himself that he had loved Spike nearly all of his life, he remembered the first time he saw him, through the mist of his tears all those years ago.
He opened his eyes to his sleeping lover, he was as beautiful today as he had been just over twenty years ago, and now he would never loose him again. He felt what Spike felt and vice versa - they would know each others moods, would know when the other was hungry or sleepy, oh and of course horny, which was most of the time. And speaking of which, a week was nearly a lifetime without sex after five years with Spike, my God thought Xander, how had he coped? His poor William!
Xander slept fitfully on and off thru the night and woke as dawn broke, the birds heralding a new day, the first day of Xander and Spike’s new life together.

He waited for the vampire to stir. He waited a long time and then finally decided to take things into his own hands. He wasn’t going to get straight down to business, not that he didn’t want to, he was aching to feel Spike inside him, to belong to him wholly once more, but no, there was more to life than shagging. Not a lot, but some!
Xander stroked the side of Spike’s chiselled jaw, ran his finger gently over those pink lips, up the other side of his cheek and then down his strong nose to rest once more on his lips. They parted and brought the finger inside. A sharp incisor cut into the tip of his digit and the blood was gently sucked from it, the wound closing quickly from the vampire’s healing saliva. Xander pulled his finger from Spike’s lips.

“Missed you pet, thought you’d gone from me, never gonna let that happen ever again. You’re my life Xan, I love you so much” he opened his glistening blue eyes and looked into the smiling brown eyes mere inches from his, of the man he loved. Xander sighed and brushed the side of Spike’s face lovingly with the back oh his fingers.
“Will you be my Daddy now?”
He remembered. Spike knew with that one question that his boy remembered everything, he had changed Xander’s early life, nothing else had altered.
It had worked out, he had been away from Xander’s side for minutes whilst he’d slept, comatose, but in actuality he had spent what seemed like years with the growing child who was now the man touching him, looking at him with such love, asking him a question that when he was small he had no idea of it’s meaning to William.
He did now, and he deserved an answer, finally after all his years of asking Spike was able to give him the answer he wanted to hear.

“I’ll always be your Daddy Xander, always.”


Father figure

Title: Father figure
Pairing: The only one that matters S/X
Warnings: m/m relationship
Disclaimer: None of it belongs to me, I make no money
Rating: PG 13
Summary: Spike is protecting Xander from his early childhood but why?

The child sat alone on the grass in front of his house. His body was bent over and his little shoulders were shaking silently. He couldn’t have been more than 5 and he shouldn’t have been out alone at this time of night. He should have been tucked up in his bed with his teddy like all well looked after little boys, wearing his pj’s with airplanes or superman on them.
Through his tears he could see the blurred outline of two scuffed back boots standing in front of him, and looking up, he realised he was no longer alone and before him stood a stranger.
A man, and the man bent down to the child’s level and looked at his sad little face, the tears tracking down his cheeks. He reached out to the child’s face and with his thumb he gently wiped away the tears. The child looked at him without fear, surprised at the kindness of this stranger.
“You shouldn’t be out here all alone at night. Things happen. Why aren’t you fast asleep in your bed?” he asked the child tenderly.
“I w-was naughty and Dad smacked me and said I was a-a stupid little sh-shit and I sh-should be punished. H-he took B-Bert n Ernie and h-he b-burned them.” The child started to sob in earnest for the loss of Bert and Ernie.
“Come here little man and let me tell you a story, let me take those tears away. I’m not gonna hurt you, I’d never do that, come here and let me make you warm and safe” he said in a persuasive voice.
“W-Will said not to talk to strangers” he told him.

“Willow’s right, she’s a clever girl and you should listen to her. But, I’m not a stranger, I know you, I know your name, your birthday, who your mum n dad are, I know Willow and Jesse, I know you like pizza – double pepperoni, oh pet, I know nearly everything there is to know about you.”
“How, how d’you know I like double pepperoni?” was the child’s simple question. The man laughed softly.
“Well, I wouldn’t be much of a guardian angel if I didn’t know all about you now would I?”
“You’re an angel? For real? Where are your wings then” the boy said in challenge, his tears subsiding.
“Not all guardians have wings, I’ve got something else, it’s maybe too scary for you, but, if I’m gonna protect you and look out for you I need to look scary sometimes.”
“Show me, show me!” the child said, excitedly, “I won’t be scared, I’m nearly 5!” he told the man, proud of his age.
“Promise you won’t run away, cause I can look really scary, and cause I look so bad I can’t even see myself when I look in a mirror.”
“Nobody looks that bad mister, and you look OK now, nice, not scary. Go on –show me how bad you can look.” The stranger stuck his tongue out and crossed his eyes at the boy who giggled. “That wouldn’t scare Will even!” he laughed.
“Just testing ya there. You ready, really? You can touch if you want, cause like I said, I look scary but that’s so people would run away and not hurt you if I was there OK?” The little boy nodded his head and stared in wonder at the creature before him.
Its face had changed into a monster with long fangs and yellow eyes and ridges along its forehead. He reached out a hand and touched gently at the creatures face, he stroked the hard looking skin only to find it was really quite soft. The creature made a soft purring noise as the child stroked him.

“You do look scary” he said solemnly “but I know you won’t hurt me will you? You sound like a big kitty, and you’ve got kitty eyes too, just like Mrs Wilson’s ginger tom – he’s big and always fighting and dad say’s he’s gonna shoot him, but I hope he never does I hope ginger scratches him and makes him bleed” he said vehemently.

The stranger didn’t chastise the boy for badmouthing his dad, instead he hoped against hope that the cat would get his way. It would give him and the boy some small satisfaction. He let his features soften and return to human. The child was fascinated and reached up to touch the human features gently stroking the face of his protector with his child’s fingers.
“You got a softer face now, a nice face, but the other face, I like that too. Will you stay with me Angel?”
The stranger shuddered, “Please pet, don’t call me Angel, know somebody called that and we don’t get along at all, I’ll tell you bout him sometime.”
“Does he have wings?”
“No he doesn’t. He has a grumpy face and hair that doesn’t ever move and he’s a bit of a mono brow, a bit like Bert in fact, but not nearly as nice and kind. You’ll meet him one day, but you gotta be on your guard pet, don’t ever trust him. You remember that you think?” The child yawned, “Think so.”
“You can’t sleep out here pet, surely your mom wouldn’t let you.”
“Mom’s asleep, she’s had too much medicine and well, dad ……” the child shrugged his shoulders in a gesture of resignation; it didn’t sit well on one so young.
“Has this happened before pet?”
“A while ago and it was a nice night, I slept in the garage in dad’s car n snuck back in, in the morning.”
“We can sneak in the basement pet and sleep down there, there’s a window you can get thru and then you can let me in the door - that be OK?”
“This is an adventure isn’t it?” The little boy said excitement driving away his fatigue.
“It’s gonna last your whole life this adventure!” he told the little boy in a conspiratorial whisper.
“Wow!” he said in wonder. The boy managed to get in thru the small window and went and unbolted the basement door and waited for his guardian angel to come in.
“Pet, will you invite me in, that’s what a good polite boy would do, can you do that?”
“Please come in guardian angel” The demon stepped thru the door and closed it quietly behind him, his eyes adjusting to their yellow malevolent glare as darkness fell.
“Wow mister, that’s really neat, will my eyes ever do that?”
“Not if I can help it pet, now I know there’s an old couch down here and there should be some blankets to keep you warm.”
“Is that magic? That you know stuff like that, can you read minds? Can you see thru walls with X ray vision, Willow says you can’t do that but I think you can, Superman can – do you know him?” The stranger laughed quietly.
“No pet, me n Superman haven’t met, but if we ever do I’ll tell him all about you and how brave you are.” The boy seemed to swell at the praise.
“You will? Gee Jesse’d be so mad at me for that, does he have a guardian angel like you?”
“No pet, I’m sorry he doesn’t. You’re a very special boy and that’s why I’m keeping an eye on you. Now, come on, its way past bedtime. Can you sleep d’you think?”
“Uh hun” he nodded yawning. “Will you cuddle me and make that noise? Like the kitty?”
“Just for you Xander, just for you pet”
“Why d’you call me that pet thing? I’m not a puppy, a puppy’s a pet isn’t it? I want a puppy but not allowed, not fair” he stuck out his bottom lip petulantly.
“Can’t always have everything we want pet, and I call you pet cause I like you and where I used to live people called each other nice things like pet and luv and dear and munchkin!”
“Where’s that, cause you talk funny, I never heard anybody talk like you. Mister? What’s your name? Mom n Dad call me Alex, but you said Xander, only Will and Jesse call me Xander”
”Told you I know all about you pet, can’t tell you what I’m called, one day you’ll know, when you’re older, but for now, well, my real names’ Will too but nobody calls me it anymore, I think they’ve forgotten it.”
“No pet, William, you can either call me Will or William, never Willy, cause again I know someone called Willy and he’s a weasel!”
“You’re so funny, I’ll call you William so I don’t get mixed up. William? Can you tell me a story while I go to sleep?”
“Of course pet, but Xander? In the morning I won’t be here when you wake up – will you be alright?” he asked worriedly.
“Sure William, but why not?”
“I can only do my guarding at night, in the day you’re safe from monster’s n stuff, but if ever anything tries to hurt you in the day, be sure n tell me so I can find em and scare em away.”
“I will William - will William, that’s funny” the child giggled.

William wrapped the boy in a blanket, he sat on the ratty old sofa with the boy safe in his arms and proceeded to tell him a story until he was sound asleep. For a long time all he did was gaze down at the child held in his protective embrace.
“If that bastard ever hurts you Xan, I’ll kill him with my bare hands, and it’ll take bloody days pet. How could he do this to you, oh baby, you’re only five years old, you poor little sod. I’ll take care of you pet, you see if I don’t. Gotta keep you safe and sound love.”

The child woke alone in the morning wondering if really he’d dreamt the guardian angel until he saw laid next to him a little piece of paper with ‘To Xan’ written on it and a picture of William with his fangs and ridges. Xander smiled happily and put the piece of paper in his pocket, looking forward to tonight when he hoped he’d see his William again. He was a special boy, he had a guardian! He wanted to remember to ask William what a shit was tho, it was something his dad called him a lot, he didn’t like it but didn’t know what it was. William was clever, he would know. He left the basement and sneaked a look round the front of the house, his Dad’s car was gone so he was safe to go inside.

When he went to bed the following night he wondered how William would be able to get to see him. It wasn’t dark when he was sent up to bed and he’d remembered that William said he could only come to see him in the dark. He would try and stay awake until it was dark. He opened his window to let the breeze in and waited. Before long he was asleep.
As soon as the sun set William was back, he sniffed the air around the house and where the smell was the strongest he knew his little boy would be. He easily managed the climb up to his window and clambered thru noiselessly. His little cherub was fast asleep in his bed, thumb hovering near his mouth. “Never took you for a thumbsucker pet” he said quietly, he bent and kissed the child softly on the forehead, happy to just watch him sleep. He stayed with him all night, content to be there, he heard his parents walk by the door as they went to bed, both sounded inebriated and William heaved a deep sigh.

They didn’t even bother to pop a head round the door to see if their son was alright.
What a pair of tossers. William had brought a pad and pencil with him and he drew a picture of Xander sleeping. His pictures weren’t that brilliant, not nearly as good as the broody one’s, but passable.
Xander was too young to read much apart from his name and possibly the letters of the alphabet, but he’d learn, William would teach him some, and it was a way for them to communicate too, pictures and then words. He tucked the notebook under his pillow, leaving it poking out so the boy would see it in the morning. Dawn wasn’t far off as he bent and kissed him again on his forehead, touched his face softly and left the way he came.

When Xander woke he was bitterly disappointed that he hadn’t managed to stay awake thinking that William couldn’t have gotten in without him, he turned angrily into his pillow only then noticing something under it. He pulled it out. It was a notebook and it had his name on it, he could read that and it said something else with a W, it might be Willow, he vaguely recognised some of the letters but on opening the book he knew it said William for there on the first page was a picture of him sleeping and William watching over him. He was really excited about it but sad that William didn’t wake him. He decided to hide the note book in his secret place and when he went to bed that night he would put it under his pillow. Wait till he saw Will, he was going to ask her to teach him to write some words, she was clever too, she could teach him.

William came into the house in the same way again that night and saw his boy asleep, the note pad jutting out from the pillow. He gently pulled it from underneath the sleeping boy and opened it. He turned over the first page and there on the second page in the most childlike scrawl were the words ‘wake up’. He assumed Xander wanted him to wake him. He would let the boy sleep and wake him an hour before dawn, which at this time of year was around 5.30am – give or take. He wrote in the book ‘William wake me up’, he also wrote ‘Help’ you never knew when it would come in handy. He drew another picture but from memory, of a grown up Xander. He missed him so much. He wrote ‘love’ underneath the picture and signed and dated it. If Xan kept this he would see it one day and know.

The clock crept far too quickly around to 5.30 William had wanted the night to last forever so he could watch over the sleeping form of the boy, he was pure innocence in sleep, more so than when awake. His fresh young face made younger in sleep. But when he woke and opened those shining pools of eyes, all bright and new and sparkling, like a window to his soul, he was a perfect child, a forerunner of the perfect adult to come.
William shook him gently awake “Xan, pet, wake up. It’s nearly morning, I have to go soon love.” The boy shook the sleep from himself and yawned and stretched, he saw William in the dim light from the street “William!! You’re here!!” he exclaimed.
“Shush pet, don’t wanna wake mom n dad do we?”
“Kay William, sorry. I got your picture did you see my writing? Willow showed me what to do, she helped me, it said Wake up” he said proudly.
“It did that love, and that’s why I did. I gotta go before the sun comes up, but we got some time. Did you like my note book, we can leave messages for each other if you want, our secret, well you can tell Will if you want and Jesse, but not mum n dad, they wouldn’t understand you having a guardian. That alright pet?”
“Mom n dad wouldn’t want to know, even if I tell em they say go away. William? What’s a little shit?” He knew why Xander was asking, how could he possibly tell him what it meant, it would destroy his boy.
He’d really love to eviscerate his Dad, but then where would that leave him, Xan wouldn’t be the boy he grew to love. He didn’t want to change things, just look after Xander.
“It’s something that people say when they’re cross and don’t know what else to say pet, now me, I say ‘bloody hell’ but I don’t want to hear that coming out of your mouth OK? And I can tell you now, you my precious boy, are not a little shit, you are a good brave and kind boy and your Dad doesn’t know that, in fact only me and Willow and maybe Jesse know, and even they don’t realise”.
Xander didn’t really understand what William was saying but he got that he thought he was brave and that’s all that mattered to him. William showed him some more letters and told him what words they made, he asked if Xander could practice them for him and the boy promised he would.
“Xan, it’s time for me to go now” William told him as he saw the sky lightening “I won’t be able to come and see you every night pet, sometimes I can’t get away, but you have our book and you can draw me pictures and you can write me words, and as you get bigger and older you can write me stories or tell me things that you’ve done or have happened and I can leave things for you too. Would you like that?”
“Sure William, are you going to guard me for ever?”
“All your life love”
”Wow William that’s long, more than twenty isn’t it?”
“Way more than twenty love” he told the child affectionately. Gotta go Xan, gimmie a hug pet and then go back to sleep yeah?” Xander hugged his guardian “Come back soon William” he said.
“Soon as I can pet, promise. Keep safe, oh n pet? Never tell mum and dad about me eh? They wouldn’t like somebody else looking out for you, they don’t know how special you are.”
“Promise William, you’re my secret guardian Angel. You real sure I can’t call you Angel - that’s cool”
“Never pet, and when you meet the poof you’ll know why!”
“Is poof a nice word too? Like pet?”
“Not really pet, it’s a word that’s not nasty and not nice kinda in between, when I say it it’s not nasty, but if say your dad said it, it would be nasty. Its something to talk about another time, now I really gotta go love kay?” he started heading for the window.
“Be careful William, see you tonite, will you tell me a story?”
“Anything you want pet, go back to sleep, hide your book, see you tonight. Sleep!” he ordered. Xander giggled and snuggled down into his bed, he hid his book under his pillow vowing to hide it in the secret place in the morning. William hightailed it to the nearest sewer entrance, if he could he’d be back tonight, and the next night and the next.

William managed to see Xander every night for the whole week. He told him stories and taught him to write words, they drew pictures and talked about anything and everything. Xander told him all about his life, what he and Will and Jesse did, how he liked his pre-school and how he would be going to real school soon. He was excited and a bit scared. William said it was a piece of cake, he’d make new friends learn new things and it would be fine.

If he missed a night Xander would have drawn a picture or tried to write a word or two, William always appreciated it. He missed one night but then came back for then next three weeks. The pair of them got on like a house on fire, Xander looked forward so much to William’s visits, his parents took no notice of him but William encouraged him and nurtured him which was what every young child needed.
Xander knew that sometimes William couldn’t get to see him and he missed a few nights which turned into a few weeks and then a few months. Xander was heartbroken that his guardian seemed to have forgotten him. He still wrote in his book and drew his child like pictures. He started school and that took his interest, he did make new friends but still he, Will and Jesse were inseparable.
His mom n dad took no interest in Xander’s schooling, glad to have him out from under their feet. He eventually gave up telling them about his school day.

Every morning he would look in his notebook to see if William had been, but for months nothing appeared. He started to write in the book “Miss you” and “Come back”. One morning he woke and looked in the book and to his joy there were words that he hadn’t written, it said “Miss you too pet”. It gave him a warm glow for the whole day, and when he got home that night he took his book and wrote in it “Wake me up William” in his neatest handwriting. He went to bed that night and left his window open, he really tried to stay awake but again he fell asleep.

William climbed thru the window to see his boy fast asleep with the notebook poking out from under the pillow. He pulled it out and read the message. It gave him a happy feeling to know he’d been missed. He couldn’t wait to talk to Xander so he gently shook him awake. Xander knew whose hand was shaking him awake and his little face lit up as he saw William. “I’ve missed you so much William, where did you go? Have you got another boy to guard is that it?”
“No love, just you, but you need guarding in different places at different times” he told him. Xander reached up and hugged him tight, William held him close loving the innocent trust the boy placed in him, the affection he showed him. William and Xander chatted for an hour or so until William heard his parents coming to bed he shushed the boy until he heard them pass the door. Xander looked at the door and then back at William with a sad look on his face.

“William why can’t you be my Daddy, you love me more n my dad, you don’t hit me and you’re not mean. Why can’t you, we can run away to your house, can we William?” William sighed, it was true he loved this boy, he loved him in a different way to the man he would become but nevertheless he loved him more than life and he’d like nothing more than to take him away from his uncaring family.

“It doesn’t work that way pet, it would be wrong for me to take you away and as much as I want to you gotta stay here, but I will be here for you, maybe not every night, or even every week, but I’ll always come back, and bein your Daddy? Keep asking love, you never know one day I might say yes. But now you need to go back to sleep, I’ll stay till morning and I’ll tell you a story about a girl who’s the bravest girl in the world and she protects people from monsters, kay?”
“Cool, has she got a brave bother who does that too?”
“No pet, just a boy like you who she loves like a brother but he’s brave and true, and they and their friends save the world – a lot.”
Xander went to sleep and dreamed of a world where he and Willow and another brave faceless girl were superheroes saving the helpless and destroying evil. William kissed his boy again and tucked his blanket around his shoulders. “Love you pet” he whispered, “Stay safe” and he left as the sun lightened the sky.

William came back the next night and the next and Xander was happy, he had William, someone who was a grown up who cared about him and listened to him and took notice and loved him like a parent should no matter that he wasn’t a parent or ever would be.
William tried hard to explain that sometimes it was difficult for him to come and see him, Xander seemed to understand but William knew if he didn’t turn up for a long period it would hurt and upset the boy. His time with Xander came in fits and starts but he managed to see him on his birthday and Xander was overjoyed. William brought him lots of books all about superheroes, all with pictures and Xander loved them, he made William write in each book and leave a different message in each. He treasured the books and although he couldn’t read well yet he could work out what was happening from the pictures. Xander had saved a piece of cake especially for William and he watched whist he ate it. It was his favourite, chocolate cake, and Will’s mom had made it for him. Xander had told Will and Jesse about his guardian angel but they were disinclined to believe him and Willow especially thought he made him up. Even at such a young age Will knew Xander had an unhappy home life, she thought if she wasn’t happy she’d have an imaginary friend but a girl angel.
Xander swore on his life that William was real but still they just said yeah and nodded. Xander gave up, he knew his William was real and that’s all he cared about.

Over the next couple of years William saw Xander grow into a confident young boy, he saw him about as much as he didn’t, if he missed a week or a month he’d try his damndest to make it up and stay the same amount of time he’d missed.
It was just after Xander’s eighth birthday, William came by to find Xander missing. His parents were there but not Xan. He was worried, but not unduly. He decided to play safe, it had just turned dark and he went to Willow’s house, knocked on the door and luckily for him Willow answered.
“Hey Red, er Willow, I’m William. You know where Xander is?” The eight year old Willow looked at William in shock realising that Xander hadn’t made up this person and that here he was.
“He’s in- in hospital, he b–broke his arm and they said he should stay there. You’re real!” she said.
“Course, but you should try n forget you saw me pet. Hospital then. Bye Will, go inside you’ll be safe there” he said turning on his heel he strode off to the hospital to see his boy.
Once there he went to the children’ ward and said he was Xander’s uncle visiting from England, the nurse was a bit iffy but Xander had heard the raised voice of William and came out of his room “William” he whispered, William heard and turning saw a very pale small frightened boy.
“Oh pet, how’d you do that? Fall out of a tree?” William knew as soon as there was no forthcoming answer what might have happened. He growled low in his throat and his eyes flashed yellow, Xander saw, and sobbing threw himself at William.
“I w-was so sc-scared, and he h-hurt me William, it was daylight and, and he shouldn’t b-be a monster. Take me away William, p-please can I come with
“Oh pet, I’m so sorry, so bloody sorry.” He held the boy tight to him willing his pain and fright to leave. “Come on pet, which is your bed” he asked picking him up in is arms. The nurse seeing how well his Uncle was with her charge allowed him to take Xander back to his bed, poor little kid’s parents hadn’t been near nor by. William tucked Xander back into his bed, and asked his question.
“Was it your Dad?” Xander nodded his head, tears dripping down his face.
”Can you tell me what happened?”

“I was playing inside and he came home and I turned round quick and knocked over a vase and it spilled water on his trousers, he, he just looked at them and then me and he got h-hold of me by my arm, I tried to get away William, b-but he th-threw me and I hit the wall and fell over and down the step, I heard a snap and then, then, oh Will, it hurt so much I couldn’t get up cause my arm was under me. Mom brought me and said I fell on the step and trapped my arm under me, she wanted me to stay here so they said yes” he came to the end of his story, all the time he’d spoken William had grown more and more angry.
“He won’t hurt you again pet, I promise you, might be mean and nasty but he wont lay a finger on you.” He reassured the boy.
“Be my Daddy William?”
“Much as I want to say yes pet, now’s not the right time. I’m too angry with your real Dad, and how could your mum allow this to happen.” He seethed and almost as an after thought he said “Oh, yeah, met Willow”
“You did, now she knows you’re real” this seemed to cheer Xander up no end. “Will you write on my plaster William?”
Course pet, what d’you want me to put?”
“William, Guardian Angel, please”
”You got it pet” he wrote in his neatest hand and drew a little fanged face next to it which made Xander snigger. William said he had to go see the nurse a minute and went out to the desk. He asked how long Xander would be in and she told him he would be released tomorrow. William asked if he’d been admitted before and the nurse said no, it wasn’t on his records. Satisfied he went back to Xander. He told him a story and said he’d stay a while, but he had something to see to and couldn’t stay till morning. Xander fell asleep, William kissed his forehead, tucked him up and left.

Anyone out on the street seeing him avoided him, he was a man with a purpose, and his mission was revenge.

He arrived at Xander’s house and knocked on the door. Harris senior came to the door, stinking of drink, he told William to ‘take a hike faggot’ but William pushed past him and shut the door holding him by the throat. Harris knew this was serious, he started to try and bluster his way out of whatever trouble he was in. William didn’t give him a chance.
“You piece of filth. Break your own flesh and blood’s arm would you just cos he wet yer pants. Bet if I squeeze yer neck I could make ya wet yer own pants, but I don’t think I’m gonna do that.” He took hold of Harris senior’s pinkie and snapped it. Harris screamed but William held his hand over his mouth to muffle the sound. He went on to break all the fingers and thumb on his right hand. By the time they were all broken he had wet his own pants.
“Listen and listen good. You ever touch that kid again or get anyone else to hurt him, I’ll come back and you’ll think this was a fuckin picnic. You understand?” Harris sobbed and nodded, William threw him down.
“Tell the boy you had an accident at work if he asks. If he finds out it was me, he might, well, just don’t tell him. I’ll know if you do. Don’t think I won’t keep my promise if anything happens to him. There are worse things than death, I can keep you alive a long, long time in the most abject pain and utter misery. I’ve had a lot of practice. And I’d really, really enjoy seeing you suffer. People think I’m evil, spose I am being a monster n all, but you -you’ve no excuse. Hell’s too good a place for you.” As an after thought he added “Better get them fingers seen to pretty soon, don’t want em turning funny” he left the same way he came in closing the door softly.

William came back the next night to se Xander, he crept in and woke him up, the boy was again overjoyed to see him.
He told him his dad had hurt his hand, but as he was telling him William could see the cogs turning.
“William, did – did you do it?” he blurted out in a rush.
“What ever gave you that impression pet?” he asked innocently.
“I know you did, you said tell me if anyone was horrid to me in the day and you’d get em, and you did didn’t you?”
“How would you feel Xan if I said I did?” he asked him hesitantly. The boy gave his question a lot of thought, William could see him struggle with his emotions. Finally he said “I don’t feel anything – why? I’m not sad or mad, just ….. nothing.”

“What if it was me with the hurt hand, how would you feel then?” William knew he shouldn’t but he wanted to know the depth of Xander’s feelings, would he be bothered about him? Again he thought long and hard, he crept closer to William and buried his face in his guardian’s chest and in a muffled voice said “Don’t want to think about it”.
Well it wasn’t exactly the answer he wanted, he ruffled Xander’s hair “C’mon pet, let’s read some more stories from your Star Trek book.”
“Don’t want you to get hurt” he said quietly.
“Not gonna pet, so don’t let it bother ya. Now, didn’t we get to ‘The trouble with tribbles?’ Shall I read n you listen or d’you wanna read?”
“You read” he said happily, so William read all about the furry little blighters and the trouble they caused. When he finished the story William told Xander to go back to sleep and he’d stay till morning.
“Tuck me in?” he asked.
“As if I wouldn’t pet!” Impulsively Xander reached up and put his arms around William’s neck and kissed him “Love you William”. He watched for William’s reaction hoping he hadn’t done wrong but all he saw was William’s eyes go all glassy as if he was going to cry.
“Was that wrong, have I made you sad?”
“No pet, I love you too and you make me very happy. Now go to sleep like a good boy”. William sat and watched Xander sleep and ponder on how a child so wonderful could have a father that was so immune to his charm, his infectious happy nature and his enthusiasm in all things.
Life could be a real bitch sometimes.

Xander was never hurt by his father again, in fact Harris Senior distanced himself so much from Xander he sometimes thought his dad didn’t even know he was there. It didn’t bother him, he had William after all who loved him and cared for him like a real dad.
Over the years Xander’s feelings for Will never wavered, yes they had cross words and disagreed but they always made up and parted amicably. As he grew from a boy to a young man William taught Xander about the place he lived in, about how unsafe it was and why it was unsafe. He taught him how to fight, how to stake a vampire, other deterrents he could use. He taught him about demons, the good and the bad, in fact Xander was a very knowledgeable boy on all things evil by the time he went to high school.

William also told him about the Slayer, saying she would be coming to live in Sunnydale soon, and how they would be friends, but he hadn’t to let on about what he knew or his fighting skills. There was something else he had to tell Xander and this would be hard, he eventually worked himself up to it one night when they were out.

Xander knew there was something wrong by the way William kept fiddling with his zippo and smoking too much, he knew he’d tell him when he was good and ready though. He always got round to stuff.
“Xan? You, what, 15 now? So, known ya for 10 years. Long time that pet innit?”
“Sure is my bleached protector” he quipped.
“Never told ya lies have I pet, always been honest, always looked out for ya.”
“William, what’s wrong? Oh. My. God!! This is it isn’t it? You’re going to leave, I’ve had my allotted time, that slayer’s coming and she’s gonna protect me isn’t she? No! I want you, you can’t go, William, you can’t ever leave me, ever cause I – I - you just fucking can’t leave me!” Xander babbled, his worst fear coming to the fore. William took hold of his arms and held him firm.
“I – am – not – leaving – you. Got that pet?” Xander nodded his shoulders slumped, his head dropped to his chest, clearly relieved.
“But more to the point pet, why can’t I ever leave you?” he asked softly, needing to know the reason, hoping he already knew.

Xander squirmed, he didn’t want to say a thing to William, he’d felt strange around him for a while now and then he’d started having dreams, disturbing dreams, about William.
He’d always thought of William as a father figure, but for the past year or so his feelings had undergone a drastic change. Sure, he loved him, with all his heart, but that love had undergone a radical change in direction. He no longer thought of William as his father, he thought of him as something much more intimate.
He couldn’t tell William, he really couldn’t, he’d never trust him again, and he’d never touch him, and he would think he was sick and filthy, and he’d hate him.
That’s what his dad thought about people like that, he’d heard his opinion on the so called faggots on TV often enough to know.
How could he possibly tell William his feelings?
“Come on pet, tell me, you know you can tell me anything Xander. Absolutely anything.”
No he couldn’t tell him this.
He looked up at Williams face, how he’d come to love looking at it, he wanted to touch it now, to kiss those pale lips, to feel his arms holding him tight, to feel his body pressed against his and to feel the bulge of his – no, can’t go there, no siree, not no way, uhn hun. William was caught unprepared as the waft of pheromones came off Xander, he inhaled deeply, his eyes changing to yellow, he waited for Xander to speak.

“Tell me pet, please?”
“No reason William, I just would miss you is all”
“Liar. Xander I know you’d miss me but that’s not it. I want you to tell me, I need you to tell me. Please?”
“Nothing to tell” he insisted.
“I’ll say how I feel then OK?” Xander nodded.

“I’ve loved you pet, since before I met you crying on the grass when you were five years old. I knew all about you cause I already knew you, time paradox pet, alternate or parallel universe stuff, but I loved you before. It changed for me when I met you as a little boy, still loved you, but different, not a pervert. My bloody unbeating heart went out to you, such a brave little sod. Now tho, it’s changed again. I want you Xan, I love you and I hope the reason you don’t ever want me to go is cause you feel the same. Is it pet?”

William waited for it to sink in, he would give Xander time, all the time he wanted or needed. Xander was stunned by William’s confession. How could there be another him? Was William a time traveller? But, the thing that was upper most in his mind was that he loved him, like Xander wanted him to. He couldn’t speak. Couldn’t think properly, all he realised was he loved him. It changed everything.
Xander leaned into William and just held him, his firm body moulding to his own, feeling arms wrapping around his back, he was loved, and he loved in return. He felt cool lips on his cheek and turned his head, his eyes closed as he felt those same cool lips close over his own, gently pressing against him, Xander parted his lips slightly and William’s tongue sought entry. Soft and gentle, moving over his lips, tangling tongues, no urgency, no lust, achingly tender and loving, William kissed the untainted and inexperienced mouth of the boy he had loved for what seemed like all of his existence. Reluctantly pulling away from him so he could breath, Xander knew wonder.

Is it always like that?”
“No love, it’s never been like that before, and it never will be again. That was our first kiss – this time, and it was nothing like our first kiss last time. I love you so much Xander. You are my life. But there are things I have to tell you. Will you listen?” Xander was still trying to get over The Kiss. Not that he wanted to get over it, he wanted to re-live it.
“Can we do that again?”
“Love! You got to concentrate here. Listen to me then we can, but it won’t be as good as that one, no, that’s the wrong word – memorable’s the right word, not good cause every kiss with you is good”
“Promise I’ll listen, then we can get with the tongue action?” William sighed, he was sorely tempted to just throw Xan down and shag him, but he wasn’t the same vampire he used to be, and this was a boy who had so recently (to him) been a 5 year old child. Plus even tho he did want him, it was wrong, he was too young, he needed time, he needed age and maturity and now certainly wasn’t the right time. He shuddered at the thought.
“Right love, the thing is, the slayer is coming to town, hot on her heels is Angel” he shuddered at the thought.
“Oh, yeah, the broody one, tell me again why we don’t like him?”
“Xander, I don’t like him cause he’s a git and my Sire and You should never ever trust him. Understand?” he nodded.
“Right then, so after they arrive a while later I turn up” Xander brightened. “But I won’t be ‘me’ me if you see what I mean”. Xander did, he’d watched enough sci-fi to know all about time and how screwed up things could become because of it.
“So the you that’s coming is a you from before the time you met me?”
“Got it love, and cause of that he won’t know you from Adam, well he won’t know you at all, and he’s mean Xan, god is he mean, so you – Stay Away. He’s not the kind old bugger I am and he’d drink a tasty treat like you down in one with no regrets. And I for one do not want that to happen. Don’t try to charm him, it won’t work, oh yeah. And for god’s sake watch out for Dru. She may be nuttier than a fruit cake but she is dangerous.”
”Fruit cake doesn’t have nuts!” William sighed, sometimes his boy could be very obtuse.
“So I have to stay away from you and this Dru, who is she?”
“She’s the one that made me what I am today pet, she killed me and made me live again, but she was barmy and couldn’t look after me and teach me so Angel, the tosser, did it for her.”

“Did you love her?” he was jealous.
“Pet, we were together for 100 years, course I bloody loved her, looked after her cause she couldn’t do it herself, more like a nanny in the end” he said wistfully, remembering the happy times with his Dru.
“You gotta be prepared, and don’t ever, ever let on about me.”
“Why William, why did you come back to look after me?” Now here was the $64K question, and he was damned if he was going to tell the truth, he’d have to hedge or just tell him he couldn’t tell him.
“Can’t actually tell you love, don’t wanna have to change time, don’t want to risk losing you, but you’re gonna be fine now the slayer’s coming along, but that doesn’t mean I won’t still try to get back and check on you.” Xander was satisfied that he wasn’t being left in the lurch. He understood the time thing, and if William thought he was going to leave the William who didn’t know him alone, well he was as barmy as that Dru woman! He ran all the new information around in his head, he was still worried as to why William had come back to look out for him, maybe something bad had happened, or maybe he just couldn’t get enough of him. He hoped it was the latter.

William hadn’t let go of him all the time he’d been speaking, Xander had found it safe and comforting and also a massive turn on to be held so close by another man.
William obviously realised just how turned on Xander was by the enticing smell wafting off him. He was sure as hell not going to go any further than kissing.
He would hold firm and not be swayed.

“Will, can we kiss some more?” It was so hard trying to resist that innocent face and those soft, almost child’s lips, so he of course gave in. He loved kissing his boy anytime, any place, anywhere, no matter how inappropriate! Xander thoroughly enjoyed the kissing experience, he was a very quick learner, as William knew only too well. The kisses were soft and loving, none of the hard demanding needy kisses William loved to get from Xander, no they were a long way off, he was content now to be loved and kissed.
Xander soon started to let his hands roam over William’s body, and once he realised what was happening he pulled abruptly away.

“Wh- what’s wrong Will?”
“Nothin pet, it’s just you were aiming for more than kisses and I don’t want you to do that yet, you’re not ready. You’ve got a lot of things to experience. You may well love me, but you actually like girls too, and I’m not going to ruin you for them, you’ve a long life in front of you pet, and there’s plenty of time for you n me. Your still very much a child love – I don’t mean that in a nasty way, I just don’t want you growing up too quick; appreciate being a teenager, learn to know your body and other people’s, not just mine. I want you Xan, but for your own good I’m not gonna have you. Yet.”
Xander didn’t really understand - he wanted Will and he really didn’t welcome being told he was still a child, adults and especially adult vampires were an odd bunch. He had really liked the feel of Wills firm ass and as he pressed it to him the bulge in the front of his pants, oh yeah, he’d be having baaaad dreams tonight! Make no mistake!

“It’s new, and I want you, it’s as simple as that Will, you might think I’m too young, but I don’t. This doesn’t mean I’ll stop trying”
“I know love, but trust me, I know it sounds trite, but it really is for your own good. And now young man, I think it’s time for your beauty sleep, or to rest those overactive brain cells if nothing else!”
“OK – daddy!” Xander didn’t know what he’d done but all of a sudden there was a tongue in his mouth forcing him to submit, he did gladly, he nearly came in his shorts at the onslaught. As suddenly as it started it stopped. William regained control of himself, but his eyes were the colour of amber and he’d cut Xander’s lip with his fangs. He bent and delicately lapped at the cuts he’d made, and once they had stopped bleeding and the wound had closed he lightly kissed them.

“I’m sorry love. I just got a little carried away. I haven’t said I’d be your dad and you shouldn’t call me it”
”Wow, is that what did it? Is there some strange kind of magical daddy word or something? Cool!”
“Xan love, you have no idea pet, there’s such a lot I don’t want you to know, not for a long, long time, now, none of your procrastinating, bugger off home and get some kip!”

“I so love you William, and now I’m really glad you are absolutely no relation whatsoever to me, cause that would be just like – Gross!!! Ewwww!” William laughed at Xander’s show of distaste, he was so pure and innocent, so good and wholesome, he hoped he’d stay that way, and, unless anything untoward happened he knew he would.

Enlightenment Part 4

Title: Enlightenment
Pairing: The only one that matters S/X
Warnings: m/m sex
Disclaimer: None of it belongs to me, I make no money
Rating: NC17
Summary: Our heroes are flung far into the future
Not beta'd

Xan and Wil were waiting for them in their nearest recreation area, Xan spotted straight away that Spike was a little ‘off’ but Xander seemed happy enough so things couldn’t be that black. Xander was still happily chatting about his miraculous repairs and going into great detail with his captive audience. Spike although not scowling was certainly not looking happy.
After they had eaten and Spike’s miserable face was still in evidence Xan decided he’d had enough.

“Spike, will you walk with me? I need some fresh air and Wil and Xan-der are quite happy talking about medicine. There is something I would like you to see and I am quite certain it will be a surprise to you. Wil, Xan-der you will be fine here won’t you?”
“Sure Xan, don’t you be doing anything I wouldn’t now!” The look on Spike’s face was priceless, he was such a grump sometimes Xander thought, but he wouldn’t change him for the world.
“Come here grumpy and give me a kiss, and don’t be gone too long, I still need some TLC.” Spike came willingly to kiss Xander.
“Sorry love, bit o’ fresh air might do me good, and you know perfectly well that Xan is quite safe from my evil clutches, just you make sure Wil is too!”

Xan and Spike took their leave.

They walked in silence for a while, each lost in their own thoughts. After about 10 minutes of weaving in and out of the broad thoroughfares they came into a square that Spike hadn’t been in before. It was one of the nicest Spike had seen since he’d been there, there were trees and fountains, people were strolling around, the architecture was different, the buildings looked older, less steel and glass, more stone and brick.
In the middle of the square was some sort of monument, people stopped occasionally to look at it and read the inscription.
“Spike, sit with me. I know we can converse through thought, but sometimes its refreshing to speak to each other, and I know you are much more used to talking. You are ready to talk to me aren’t you?”
“You’re far too intuitive for such a youngster Xan. Now, where do I start?”
Spike had a lot to say to Xander, but it all really boiled down to just two things and he wasn’t about to beat about the bush.
“Right then luv, never been one to mince me words so, I am William the Bloody and Xander won’t live more than another 100 years. Simple. Your world may never exist. I don’t want to loose my Consort. I think we’re stuffed.”

Xan wasn’t surprised at Spike’s admission, he had for quite some time now realised who Spike and Xander were.
He was beside himself now that Spike had confirmed it, plus if Spike wanted his help in ensuring this came to pass, then surely that would be the pinnacle of his life as a helper. What more could he do? He would help create the world he now lived in.
It wouldn’t matter that nobody knew, he would know, it would be his gift.

“I know who you are, that is why I brought you here. Come Spike, let me show you.”

Xan took Spike’s arm and led him over to the monument so that he could see for himself what it was. It was the oddest thing Spike thought, it appeared to be a gothic style angel the type found in most cemeteries throughout the UK but the thing that made it odd was the fact that it had the face of snarling vampire.
It stood on a plinth and underneath was an inscription “In memory of William the Bloody and Consort Xan. Love lives on”
The words were simple. Spike couldn’t believe that he had been remembered as some kind of hero, that he and Xander were this world’s example of love happiness and goodness. He turned to Xan.
“How did you know, I didn’t want anyone to know, even Xander doesn’t know. How can I tell him? I just can’t!”
“Let me help you Spike, there is a way. We have already helped you, you are no longer leashed, please let me help again. There is a way that Xan-der can be helped. He will have to consent but it can be done. There are many demons and humans who are mated, some choose to live a natural human life span and others opt for longevity. It is devastating to loose one’s mate Spike, be it after 2600 time periods or 26,000, loss is loss whenever it strikes.”

Spike looked at Xan hopefully.

“You better not be putting me on Xan. This is something I want more than anything else - I want Xander with me for as long as I can, I don’t want to turn him, I don’t want him to become like me, I love him as he is, warm, young healthy and human. I’d love him even if he was an old crock cause he’s my Xander an I know I’m bein selfish – I’ve looked like this for over a hundred years, bugger 5,200 time periods to you luv, I want the same for my Xan.”
“He can have that, let me tell you the procedure as we walk back.”

They set off back to Wil and Xander who had been chatting amiably since their respective partners had wandered off.
“Don’t you think it’s odd how alike we all are Wil? Well, me and your Xan could be twins cept for his short hair n mine’s long, but that’s the only difference, same name too. Then there’s you n Spike, well he dyes his hair but now its growing out it’s the same colour as yours plus you’re both called Wil too, it’s just weird!”

“What do you mean Xan-der, he is called Spike.”

“Yeah, but that’s just his nick name, his real name is William – William the Bloody your actual Scourge of Europe, well part of it anyway.”

“Xan-der – is this one of your jokes?”
“Why would I joke? Hey, is there something I don’t know?”
“William the Bloody and Consort Xan are legend. They helped to shape the world we have today, and if it is true that you are they, then ….. I am at a loss for words Xan-der.”
“Hey buddy, now that would be funny if you were a comedian!”

Wil looked at Xander with new eyes.
The man before him was a legend brought to life.
Nobody knew what they looked like and here they were in the flesh and he and his mate were their direct descendants – they had to be, no one could look so alike and not be. Wil felt himself flush with a pride he never knew he had.

“Hey love, what you two been up to – what ya been telling Wil to make him flush up like that pet?”
Two pairs of eyes looked at Spike and Xan, both disbelieving.
Xan read both of them, relaying quickly their discovery to Spike.
“You knew Spike? Why wouldn’t you tell me I was a legend?”
“Xan love, it’s not that easy.”

“How long have you known?”
“Kind of since our first day here.”
“And you thought not to tell me why?”
“Look love, can we talk about this just us two? There’s things you don’t know an’ I don’t want it aired in public, kay?”
“No Spike, not really OK. Did you know Xan?”
Xan had the decency to look sheepish.
“I think it is time for Xan and I to have a discussion of our own Xan-der. We will take our leave. Good night.”
“Yeah, night Wil, Xan, see ya later guys.”

When Spike and Xander arrived back at their room Xander was still puzzled as to why Spike had kept this little snippet from him. He wasn’t really mad with him, just curious.
“So come on then love of my life, spill – the jig’s up baby!”
“Oh, love! Come here, let me hold ya. I missed you.” Spike told him. Sometimes he just got the soppiest feelings; he had to touch Xander as a wave of love just washed over him.
“You’re not getting out of it that easy. I’m just interested as to why you wouldn’t tell me that you n me are like - famous.”
Spike sighed. He felt as if he was sighing constantly these days.

“I didn’t want you to know love. Xan told me this tale to distract me when you’d been pulled back to our time. I wasn’t sure that you were the Xan in it, but the more we’ve been together the more certain I got. It was about us an our struggle to find a way to get rid of the chip, an in this tale I didn’t have mine, so that made me somehow think the Xan wasn’t you, cause I still had the chip when he told me. It just got easier an easier to not say anything.”
*I was so pleased when you came back Xan.* he thought.
“Is that all there was to it? Why couldn’t or wouldn’t you tell me then? I don’t understand love.”
Spike seemed to be digging himself in deeper. He didn’t want to tell Xan about his death, shit he didn’t even want to acknowledge that it would happen, but here he was, spade in hand, digging.
“I love you Xander, you know that don’t you? More than anything.”
“Right, now. Stop right there with the scaring me Spike.”

“Sorry love, nothing scary – the Xander in the tale was very, very old, nearly as old as me. And. He wasn’t a vampire. But. He was you love.”
Xander pondered. Spike could see the wheels turning as Xander looked up at him.
“How then? How was I really old – was I like yucky and wrinkly and bent and bald?”
“Apparently not love. You and I were both ‘fair’, in other words we were hot.”
“So, then I was like I am now?” Spike nodded.
“Again with the how?”
“Xan knew who I was before I told him tonight. I had to tell him cause I wanted his help – if he could give it. He bloody can as well! But you need to agree love. I know it’s selfish of me to ask you this and I wanted to ask without you knowing about all the other stuff.”
“Spike, get with the asking, please your making me nervous!”
“Do you want to be young forever Xan? Do you want to be like me but human?”
Xander sat down heavily on their bed.
“Immortality? Wow!”
“Not as such love. You can be hurt, or even die if someone were to shoot you or stab you or stuff, but apparently your DNA can be manipulated so you don’t age, your organs n stuff stay as good as they are now.”
Xander turned wide brown eyes to Spike, his face filled with wonder.

“God Xan, love you so much baby.” Spike had to stay calm and rational and not become lost in Xander. He had to be prepared for Xander to say No. It was a momentous decision to make and he didn’t expect him to just make it on the spur of the moment.
“Think on it love. Please. Take all the time you want – well, within reason, but you have to think of all the consequences if you say Yes.”
Xander nodded his head, still shell shocked.
“Take me to bed love? Hold me?”
“Sure pet. Think you can sleep? Hope you can, hope I can too.”
Spike undressed a compliant Xander, then himself, dimmed the lights and got into bed beside his partner. Wrapping arms around him and pulling him close he kissed the nape of his neck as he always did when they were laid so. Spike could only hope Xander would say yes. It was a selfish hope, but then he was a very selfish vampire.

Sleep didn’t come easily, but come it did.

Spike woke to a burgeoning orgasm, his body enjoying the pleasures before his mind actually caught up and as his eyes shot open he came in the warm wet cavern of Xander’s mouth, little appreciative noises coming from under the bed cover as Spike’s body trembled contentedly.
“Really pet, that was a very, very nice ‘Good Morning’. Would you like me to reciprocate now you’ve got my attention?”
He felt as well as heard the snigger, making his cock jiggle in Xander’s mouth. He gave a last long drawn out suckle to the meat in his mouth and let it go.
“I fancy a ride actually. Wanna be my bareback rider?” Xander snickered bashfully.
“No need to be shy love, you can have me however you want me – just so long as you always want me!”
“Always Spike! Want me to lube you up?”
“I’ve got it baby – you’re always so gentle with me and you take your time, I want you now pet, not prepared to wait, so I’m good.”
Spike grabbed a handful of lube from the pot, turned and knelt on the bed as Xander emerged from under the cover, laying propped up on his elbow watching as Spike did the quickest job of preparing himself he’d ever seen.
Finishing quickly Spike tuned Xander onto his back and kissed him hard and deep leaving him gasping and even harder than he had been. A cursory swipe of his slicked hand over Xander’s throbbing cock had Xander arching up off the bed following the contact of that cool hand. Spike pushed his hips back to the bed and straddled him holding his cock at the base.

“Gonna love this Xan – you ready pet?” and without further warning Spike guided the mushroom head of Xander’s fat cock to his twitching hole and sank down feeling the length filling him. They groaned simultaneously, filler and fill-ee.
From the small tremors running thru Xander Spike knew that this was going to be a quick ride, his boy was just about ready to blow. He grabbed the base of Xander’s cock with his hand to try and stave of his release as he slid up and down that greased pole inside him. It was sublime, rapturous torture.
He looked down at Xander and as their eyes locked their minds opened to each other, emotions spilling out, love, belonging, lust, abject pleasure, trust, anticipation. Spike picked up his rhythm, Xander thrusting up into him as Spike came down, so close now, Spike now took hold of his own cock fisting it in time to their thrusts, both of them could feel the build up in their balls and their minds, the ecstatic feeling of their combined orgasm spilling over as their seed shot out into and onto each other.

Xander’s back bent into a bow as he came, his fingers digging into Spike’s hard muscular thighs, falling back replete onto the bed his eyes focussed on his lover still writhing above him in game face. Xander arched his neck in invitation, Spike accepted his due and bit down over his claim mark causing Xander to shudder once more as a further dry orgasm wracked his body. Spike suckled gently, feeling the intense pleasure it gave him to drink from his Consort, feeling too the second orgasm from his lover. He licked the wound until the blood stopped flowing then kissed his mark. Xander was practically asleep again and Spike didn’t have the heart to disturb him and so levered himself off Xander to collapse as gently as he could next to him.

“You fucked my brain out Spike, gottafineit, mmm, in my dreams baby.”
“Yeah pet, want me to come in there and look too?”
“Mmm, ‘tever sweetheart. Love you.” Spike could tell he was already well out of it, his words starting to slur. Spike pulled the cover over them both and snuggled down into Xander’s warmth.
*Imagine doing that for an eternity.*
*Don’t need to imagine*
Spike sat bolt upright in bed.
“What?” he shouted.
“What ‘what’ – what???” Xander now rudely re-awakened asked.
“Did I hear you right pet? What you were thinking?”
“If I say yes can I go back to sleep?”
“Say what love?”
“Not what, YES. Now lemme sleep Mr Selfish Shagmonster!”
Spike was filled with a sense of what could only be described as utter joy. His Xander had said Yes. He hoped he meant it, Nah, he wouldn’t just say it for the sake of it. He wanted to shake him back to consciousness and make him confirm it. Xander lay fast asleep next to him, smile still on his face.
Yeah, Spike knew. His boy meant it, even if he was half asleep when he thought/said it.
He was gonna get to keep his lover for the next four centuries. Way to go!
He was the man!
Well, technically Xander was ‘The Man’!!! Shit, he was even starting to think like his Consort. Better put a stop to that right smart!

A couple of hours later and they started to re-emerge from their post shag nap. Xander left the safety of Spikes arms to pee and shower. He thought over his decision and smiled happily to himself. Yeah he decided, he had made the right choice.
He knew he would watch his friends get old and die and he knew that would hurt. Hell anyone he got attached to would grow old and die eventually if they were human. But he had Spike, and at pinch Angel but Spike would be his constant, his lifelong companion, his eternal lover. Cool. He would really only miss Willow, yeah and the Buffster, Dawnie and Tara oh and G man. He was a realist. He knew Buffy didn’t have a huge life expectancy, he’d loose touch with them all eventually, he did love them all. But.
Not like he loved Spike.
He wouldn’t want to live if he didn’t have Spike.
He knew that now.
Hell, he’d known it for a long time.
Decision made.
He was going to be an eternal youth.
The smile got wider, practically splitting his face.

Spike roused. Eventually.
He could hear humming coming from the bathroom. Some crappy tune he’d hear Xander hum a hundred times before. He really aught to find out what it was. He hoped that he would change his repertoire over the coming centuries otherwise he might have to invest in ear plugs. No, that was mean. His Xan could hum whatever he wanted.
He was being magnanimous in his post orgasmic haze. Xander had said Yes. Spike would happily hum along with Dolly Parton at the moment, he was on cloud nine.
Suddenly Xander changed his tune – Spike started to snigger then to laugh uproariously as he realised Xander was humming Jolene!

“Git!” he shouted, realising Xander had picked up on his thoughts.
“Sorry, couldn’t resist! You coming in?”

Spike flung the covers off the bed and sauntered into the bathroom.
“Could do with a good hose down pet. Wash me back?”
Xander lathered up and lovingly washed Spike from head to toe. His hair had lost most of the bleach and was now its natural colour except for the ends. It was a lovely dark blonde and curly with it. Spike loved Xander to wash his hair, it was a pure sensual overload. It relaxed him to the point of stupor, he adored it and Xander knew that, which is why he spent a good ten minutes massaging Spike’s scalp, forehead and neck, working fingers thru the soft conditioned hair. It was a pleasure for him too.

“I can tell you’re relaxed baby, am I gonna havta carry you out?”
“No love, I can do it under my own steam, no worries.”
Xander stopped the water. Every time he showered he regretted the fact that it was still water he washed with. He’d have to suggest a sonic shower to Xan and get the boffins to invent it. He was sure it wasn’t beyond their capabilities.

“So then love wanna talk about it? You sure you want to do this? I did take it you meant yes to my proposition. ”
“Yes. Sure. Ohh, you propositioned me!! But I did say Yes. I meant it too. If I talk about it I might persuade myself that I’ve not made the right choice Spike, and I KNOW I’ve made the right one. In the time we’ve been together here I’ve grown to realise that you’re my life. I don’t want to be without you. I don’t want to grow old and feeble and see you still looking like you’re in your twenties. I’m selfish too. Wouldn’t anyone want to be young forever? So, am I doing it for the right reasons? Fuck if I know Spike! I love you. That’s my reason. The only one I need.”
“Thank you love. I promise I’ll look after you n keep ya safe, for as long as I can. Love you too.”
“Think we should get dressed n find our pure counterparts?”
“They are quite pure I s’pose. Really accepting, everything we’ve told em or done, they’ve been OK with. They’re the good guys!”
Still musing over Xan and Wil and their innate goodness Spike dressed. His jeans and T had long ago worn out and he had the standard tunic and pants that everyone wore, but with the one exception. His were black.
Xander had his modelled on Captain Pickard and wore his clothes with pride. Only Spike sniggered at him when he caught him preening in the mirror.

Another breakfast in their usual haunt, Xan and Wil already seated and munching on Tahini and Toast. Some things Xander would never get used to and no bacon was one of them. He had his eggs scrambled, toast juice and coffee.
Spike ordered his blood and toast and sat dipping toasty fingers in his mug. It was all very civilised. They could ‘chat’ whilst eating which they often did, sharing thoughts with each other and of course this morning’s topic was Xander and his willingness to become forever young. Xan went thru the basics with him, assured both Xander and Spike it was a painless procedure and like the broken bone took mere minutes.
There would be no side effects and if he ever required it could be halted and he would age normally from the age he was currently no matter how long he had been that age.
So they were all set.

Spike held Xander’s hand as they walked over to the medical facility. Xan had contacted them earlier and Ben was waiting for them. He was more than happy to see Xander, wary of Spike though, and told Xander it was an honour for him to perform this simple procedure that would give him and his mate all the time they needed to grow as one.

*Poncy bloody speech* Spike thought to himself, but Xander gave him a black look, so possibly he didn’t think it just to himself!

Ben took Xander away to the sterile room and had him lay down. He was covered by a Perspex dome so he was completely enclosed. Ben flicked over his control pad, Xander felt rather than saw a light envelop him, cause duh eyes shut here! But it was a definite feeling, kinda like being on a sun bed but for the shortest time. He heard the dome retract and turned to see Ben smiling at him and telling him it was done. He could still hurt himself and have injuries. He could still die from a fatal injury but if he took care he could possibly live for centuries.
Xander didn’t feel any different.
Not one iota.
Looked the same, felt the same.
Only time would tell.

Ben and Xander made their way back to the others who had waited patiently – some more patiently than others. Spike leaped up as soon as he heard Xander coming. He sounded different. His heart. It had slowed right down, still strong and healthy but very slow, at least half it’s normal speed. Something he would get used to, more recognisable now than before, but then he would know his love’s heartbeat in a room filled with thousands.
“OK pet?”
“Sure thing lovely. Don’t feel any different. Think I should tho. Should we celebrate? Kinda like a birthday don’t you think?”
“What is this? A Birthday? Why celebrate – what is there to rejoice?” Xan said.
“You don’t have birthdays? Oh. My. God! You cannot be serious!!”
“Our unit was birthed at the same time, as are all units. It is not something we remember as we were immature.”
“Oh boy. You have so missed out guys. In our time a birthday’s something to celebrate, you have a party, have your friends over, get gifts, drink beer and eat cake and have fun. Mostly.”
“Oi! If you want a bit of a shindig love then we’ll bloody well have one. We can ask whoever ya want.”
“You sure Spike, I don’t mind really, but it would be a nice thing to do, specially as birthdays seem to be a thing of the past. Hey what should we call it tho cause technically its not a birthday party. Hey – we could have a Live long and prosper party!!!”
“I can’t believe I’m encouraging you to do this. Bloody hell Xan, can’t you think of a better name for it?”
“It’s cool Spike my lifelong love. You’ll see. We can do invites and balloons and cake and dips n stuff, music, and games, don’t have to have presents, it’ll be just cool to have the guys over. Please can we?”
“If that’s what you want love, that’s what you can have. Although I may live to regret this, but please Xan, no games???”
“We’ll see!”
Xan and Wil were bemused, it seemed that once more Spike and Xander were talking about something that was completely alien to them both, but then it was not an unusual occurrence, they were often baffled by their illogical ideas and thoughts.

They had the party, with all the food Xander loved and hats and even some music, and to Spikes utter chagrin games as well. Xander had the best time and constantly told Spike so. Spike put up with it under sufferance, but he was glad Xander was having a good time.

Time passed and before they realised another year had gone by. The time just seemed to slip away from them. The society they lived in now had no cares or worries. Spike and Xander did what ever pleased them with no one to tell them otherwise.
If they wanted to sleep all day they could, if they wanted marathon sex sessions which they frequently did, then who was to stop them?

They did contribute.
Both of them spent a lot of time in the museum adding to the somewhat sketchy bits of information relating to the 20th century. The curator thought they were invaluable and would have been more than happy to keep them there day and night. Spike was more helpful than Xander with his wealth of experience and his vast knowledge.

Xander couldn’t help but be impressed by Spike, he’d never realised how much knowledge he had. It wasn’t to do with being clever, which Xander realised Spike was, but with his knowledge of trivia, snippets of news items, even from just before they got beamed here he knew so much more than Xander. Spike of course told Xander off when he ‘read’ how Xander was feeling, which was a little inadequate. He told him he should never feel like that and when he’d lived over a hundred years he would remember all sorts of rot too.
It cheered Xander slightly, but he was sill in awe.

Xan and Wil were regular visitors to the museum once they knew that was where Spike and Xander spent a lot of their time. Wil especially was interested in their past and was forever asking questions. Xander thought it was wonderful that Wil found his boring and mundane life experiences so interesting.
Books to Wil and Xan were as ancient and obsolete as papyrus was to Spike and Xander, but Spike had a passion for books and would happily read out passages he thought would interest them, explaining in detail what the author meant, or if it was factual he would put his slant on the account.

It was on one of those carefree days when they were all in the library section of the museum that it happened. Spike had found something interesting in a newspaper article that had been scanned and was reading it out to them from the screen.
Xander was flanked by Wil and Xan and they were all leaning towards Spike over the table, shoulders rubbing, lost in the cadence and power of his reading voice. Xander felt it first, the sick feeling in his stomach as he blindly grabbed out at Wil and Xan.

He knew even before he opened his eyes where he would be.
*No! Should have had more time! Too happy – they had to take it away.* Xander felt confusion coming from either side of him, hands reaching to him for reassurance as they had no doubt heard his thoughts. He still felt sick and then a sheer bolt of panic sliced thru him,
*Here love, here, it’s OK.* Came Spike's reassurance.
And then the realisation struck him that if he was back in old Sunnydale why could he still feel Wil and Xan?

”Oh my goodness, what have I done? Xander – there are two of you, and, and two Spikes. No, I swear I did nothing different, I swear!”
Xander opened his eyes to see the stricken face of his Willow, hands covering her mouth in shock.
“I am not Spike, I am Wil. Spike, Xan-der, what is this place? How are we here?”
“We’re here pet cause Red got something wrong. And I think she was a bit too eager to get her Xander back!”
“I do not understand Spike, Xan-der is yours. Why would this red think he is hers?” asked Xan.

“I thought I heard you fangless – so, how come I have to put up with two of you. Hey can I stake one of you?” Buffy said as she came in thru the door.

“I have no fangs as I am not demon, but Spike has fangs. You – you are neither though- not human, not demon – you are unnatural!” Wil said.
“Yeah she’s bloody unnatural alright Wil, definitely not a natural blonde!”
“Ha! Pot and kettle I think bleachy head!”
“Look a little closer Slayer”

“This is a slayer – this female - this is an abomination!”

“Hey Xander, what’s with hurting my feelings? You got a hit on the head again?”
*Please – keep it down all of you, let’s not make this any worse than it already is!* Xander directed his thoughts to those he knew could hear.
The three men looked to him as one, and kept their mouths firmly closed.

“Buff, hey. Allow me to introduce Xan and Wil. They are not part of us – well they are kinda in a way, but Wil – that’s you Willow – you haven’t split us, Xan and Wil are from our future – they are the us’s of their time. They are both human by the way, and they are a couple.”
“More gay-ness, I don’t think I can stand it!”
”Buffy!” said Willow in a hurt tone.
“Yeah shut it slayer, nothing t’do with you. Personal choice innit.” Spike said as he sidled over to Xander, he felt much better as he touched Xander in the small of the back and he could feel that the contact reassured Xander too.

“One more word from you evil undead and Mr Pointy will be coming over to see you.”
“Stop it, just- Stop it!” Xander shouted.
Tara chose that moment to make her entry into the mêlée. Spike noticed her first and smiled at her. Tara was stunned.
The warmth in his smile took her breath away, but the thing that brought a lump to her throat was the glowing pulsating light surrounding them both. She had seen people’s auras before, Xander’s definitely, but she had never witnessed this combined beauty and strength, it was truly breathtaking.

“Glinda?” Spike said as all eyes turned to Tara.
“Oh, it’s so beautiful, so, so – it dazzles me, so pure, such love, such joy!” As she spoke her hands shaped the air before her.
“You see it too? It is wondrous. It is fitting that it should be so.” Xan said to Tara.

“What? I can’t see anything Tara. Hey is this a witchey thing?” Buffy asked puzzled.
“Is it Xander’s aura, baby?” asked Willow.
“No. Both. They’re joined, combined, one. Xander and Spike.”
Willow looked at them both properly. She’d been so shocked when she saw two Xander’s she hadn’t had chance to notice anything else. But now she did. Xander looked different, he looked more mature she thought, he looked relaxed, happy. He looked like he was in love. And the way he was looking at Spike. No!!! Surely not.
Xander turned his head in Willow’s direction and nodded his head.

Now that was freaky – did he know what she was thinking?
He smiled at her and nodded again. It was very unsettling, he wasn’t the same Xander.
“I’m still me Wil, but with added extras. One of which is my partner, my life partner, Mr William the Bloody. And no, I have not lost my mind, it seems that I’ve actually found it!” he said smiling lovingly at Spike.

“Over my dead body!” Buffy shrieked.
“Oh, could so easily be arranged Slayer.”
“Hey chipped wonder, come and try, get a headache!”
“I am truly happy that we do not have such unpleasant creatures to deal with. Why are you so unkind to Spike?”
“Duh, me Slayer him Evil blood sucking vampire?”
“I have never witnessed Spike take blood – Xan-der gives blood willingly as a Consort should” Wil told then knowledgeably.

“He does what?” screeched Buffy, Mr Pointy raised in her hand as she ran at Spike. Quicker than she thought possible there were three bodies between her and Spike.
“Out of my way – you are dust Spike!”

“Buffy, stop, just stop please. Listen will you, for once in your life listen before you do something stupid!” Xander had started off in a reasonable tone but by the time he finished he was shouting at Buffy. Tara could see the change to their aura, it was taking on a red hue when before it was golden and silver and sparkly, but now it had turned a deep red at the centre the gold turning to orange, like flames with occasional gold sparks.

“B-Buffy, please stop.” Tara stuttered.
“Buffy, let’s listen to what Xander has to say, please, I hate it when we all fight, please Buffy” Willow pleaded.
“OK Wills, but soon as he’s finished Spike will be too!” she stated flatly.

Xander by now had had enough of Buffy’s high handed attitude. Sometimes she could be such a – a jerk! She stuck to her agenda and that was it, something got in her way stake it, but not this time, no sir, not this time.

Willow could see how angry Xander was, she’d only ever seen him this mad once before, it was when Larry had been picking on her, Xander had gotten so mad he’d just punched Larry, it didn’t matter that Xander knew Larry would settle the score with the help of his buddies, what he was doing to Willow was wrong and he had to protect her. Willow had loved Xander even more for that small kindness.

“Right Buffy, this is the way it goes. You listening, cause this is a one time deal. First, you never, ever threaten Spike, you never touch him, I don’t want you to even speak to him unless it’s to say something nice. Got that?”
Buffy was open mouthed. How dare Xander talk to her like that. He just didn’t, Spike must have done something to him. He was gonna be dusty little bits soon enough, then she’d have her Xander back.
Xander sighed in exasperation.

“No Buffy, NO! You’re not listening. Spike loves me, I love him, we love each other. Try to hurt him and I leave. I go away and you will never ever see either of us again. Do you understand?”

It was starting to penetrate Buffy’s one track mind. Xander could see when it finally clicked.
“But Xander, he’s evil, and dead, and, and not a girl!”
“Oh Buffster, he was evil, he’ll always be dead and I hope he’ll always be a guy, cause that’s the package I love. Since we’ve been gone we’ve both changed Buff, can’t you see? We’ve been away about 2 and a half years whereas here it’d been less than a day. Two and a half years is a long time Buff. Very happy years in which we made lots of friends, learnt lots of new things, and even helped out people along the way. I can’t begin to tell you. I thought we had more time, I asked Wills to make sure it was 24 hours – why didn’t you Will?”

Willow was shamefaced.
“I wanted you to be OK, I – when I brought you back first you looked terrible, I was worried, Xander I only wanted what was best for you.”
“When you brought me back before the reason I looked terrible was cause Spike was hundreds of years away from me. Going thru time did something to both of us, bound us in some way, and now I never want to be un-bound. We will be together until we die.”

Xander’s head whipped round to Wil and Xan as he’d caught a stray thread of thought – sorrow.
“What’s to be sad about guys?” Out of the corner of his eye Xander saw Spike shake his head.
“Does Xan-der not know Spike?”
Spike shook his head. Buffy, Willow and Tara looked completely confused.
“Xan love, they both know how and when – “ Spike looked heartbroken, tears in his eyes.
“Baby, what - don’t, please don’t be upset.” It suddenly dawned on Xander what Wil Xan and Spike all knew.
“Centuries love, but it hurts.”
Spike shook his head. Suddenly Xander didn’t seem worried.
“Cool. Centuries! Hey, guy’s we have to get the boys back – they’re missing their time, how long we been back here?”
“About half an hour or so” Willow said.
“That’s a day and a half nearly then. Wills, can you send them back to their time?” Willow nodded. Spike and Xander as one held their arms out to Wil and Xan who happily embraced them.

*We will miss you both so much, you have enriched our lives and made us better people. We are saddened to leave you*
*I’ve never been so happy as I have been these past two plus years – 104+ time periods!! You’ve taught me n Xander so much*
*Yeah guys, we love you, you're kind of our kids, you’re part of us. Remember us, cause we’ll never ever forget either of you*
Wil and Xan were now openly crying, but both controlled their sniffles to go down on one knee, they both awkwardly took a hand each of Xander and Spikes and held then to their foreheads.

“Honoured ancestors, we are humbled in your presence.” They said as one.
Now Spike and Xander filled up.
It was awful, knowing that this was the last time they would ever see them. Xander gulped in a breath trying to calm himself as he held his hand up, he looked over at Spike who did the same.
“Live long and prosper”
“You will live long Xan-der, have no fear. Your prosperity is our future. You will do great things, both of you.”

As teary as Willow was at this open display of affection she took a deep breath and told them she was ready.
“You’ll feel sick, but you’ll be OK guys – hey if you ever want to be teachers like J and G you can tell your childer all about your adventures. Love you guys!” As the words left his mouth Xan and Wil vanished.

“I miss them Spike. I miss them already.”
“Me too love.”
“I miss replicators and history and the park, oh god, the rooftop, I miss the rooftop I – oh no, nononono. Spike, how can I be so selfish! If –“
“SOK love. I had two years doing something I never thought I would. I got to love you and I got sunshine. The next time the sun shines on me – well, it’s a long way off love.”

Buffy was making sick faces at how wrapped up in each other Spike and Xander were, ugh, now they were kissing!

Willow was happy she had her friend back, and happy too that he was in love. Tara once again got to see that wondrous aura as the gold and silver pulsated like a living thing.
“So love, what now?”
“Well, we wait till it gets dark and then we go home, have some hot sex and then think about our future”
“Sounds like a plan love.”

*I love you so much Spike. We’ll be Ok, you’ll see. Hey think our super mind reading powers will stay with us?*
*Bloody hope so pet. Love you too. The mind thing will be great for those bloody scoobie meetings. Think I could make you cum by talking dirty direct to your mind?*
*Why don’t we try while we wait for it to get dark?*

“Xander – what are you and Spike grinning about?” Buffy demanded.
Their grins just got bigger.


Enlightenment Part 3

Title: Enlightenment
Pairing: The only one that matters S/X
Warnings: m/m sex
Disclaimer: None of it belongs to me, I make no money
Rating: NC17 eventually
Summary: Our heroes are flung far into the future
This is not beta'd

It was perfect, they were one, Xander would be with him for centuries, he’d never be alone again. Spike’s fangs retracted and he licked over the puncture wounds savouring the taste of his Consorts blood.

His Consort, he liked the sound of that.

As the wound stopped bleeding and he had no more excuse for licking his mark he kissed it gently. He was still incredibly aroused as Xander was keeping his blood flowing and taking little sips and worrying the wound.
It didn’t take long for the blood flow to stop and the wound to close. Xander was disappointed, he didn’t ever think he would enjoy drinking fresh blood, in fact the thought turned his stomach, but this was different, this was Spike’s blood and it empowered and invigorated him, who knew what properties it might have, plus it tasted delicious and not nearly as yucky as he assumed it would. Xander sighed contentedly, he could still feel Spike inside him and he tried to move his ass so he could enjoy feeling him even more.

“You OK there Xan? You want me to get off or out of ya?”
“Yeah, no and no. ‘M fine, stay where you are and definitely stay inside me. Can we do that again in a while – when you’ve recovered?”
“You gonna be like this all the time love, cause I can really get used to it. Was that alright Xan, didn’t hurt you did I?”
“Not hurt at all, way past alright, and if I did it right for you then yeah, be like this all the time, or better – will it get better?”
Spike laughed at his wonderful Consort.

“It will get better love. First time is good if it’s done right, but there’s so many things we can do, things I can show you n teach you. It’s gonna be bloody great teaching you Xan, you’re so bloody enthusiastic!”
“Can we start soon? D’you want me to call you teacher, or Sir?” Xander sniggered and Spike chuckled along with him.
“Nah, nothing like that love, but we can start soon as ya want!”
“Now OK? Hey Spike, should I feel all different and Consorty now?”
“Dunno love, never had one before n don’t really know any other Consorts so can’t say for certain what y’should feel. Know I feel like I want ya again tho!”
“Yeah, insatiable!! Think I’m ready, might not manage to cum, but I’ll enjoy feeling you fill me up again!”
“Bloody Hell Xan!”

Spike dragged himself up from the comfort of his lover and looked down into his cheeky smiling face, he moved his pelvis around and thrust into Xander watching with satisfaction as the cheeky grin changed to a look of blissful anticipation.
Spike dipped his head and nipped Xander’s nipples, making him shudder and buck against him, Spike continued thrusting, getting it right each time and now he smiled at the look of pleasure on Xander’s face.

“Jesus Spike, that is so – don’t stop baby, it feels - wow, incredible.”
“Not gonna stop love – c’n ya put your legs over my shoulders? Want me to help?”
“Yeah, please, but no stopping OK?”
Spike laughed at Xander’s insistence that he keep up the massaging of his prostate as he thrust into him.
“Sure baby.”
They managed to get his legs over Spike’s shoulders which gave him better access, allowing him to delve deeper into Xander, it was bloody lovely, Xander was practically incoherent and watching him loosing control tipped Spike over, he grasped Xander’s now straining shaft and started to jerk him off in time to his thrusts, it didn’t take more than a few strokes for Xander to cum and seeing him splatter his chest with semen had Spike filling him again.
He felt wrung out but in the best possible way, shagged out was the phrase he felt best described him, and his lovely looked just about comatose. Yeah, bloody brilliant, all they both needed now was a little kip.

“Go to sleep baby, gonna untangle us, don’t want you aching too much, legs is one thing, yer arse’ll give y’a bit a gyp tomorrow, but I can sort that, not good with legs tho love”
Spike smiled indulgently at his sleepy Consort. He couldn’t get over that.
His Consort.
He was so lucky.
He arranged Xander on his side and snuggled up behind him pulling the covering up over them both. Xander was asleep before the cover even touched him. Spike inhaled the heady, intoxicating smell of sex and Xander, nuzzled his face into the soft hair at the back of his neck and drifted off into a happy, sated, deep sleep.

Xander had roused early in the morning and staggered to the toilet then lurched back to fall headlong into sleep again. They both slept late into the following day, Xander becoming conscious before Spike, feeling the ache in his ass he wondered what Spike would do to take the ache away.
*Use me tongue won’t I love*
*Think I can think of other places that tongue might need to go* Xander thought chuckling to himself.
*I’ll lick you anywhere you want baby, from arse to balls to cock. C’n I start now?*
*Ohhh yeah!!*
Xander suddenly realised he hadn’t said a word.
*Can you hear me Spike?*
*Every single thought directed at me my lovely Consort.*
“Fuck!” said Xander. He turned to Spike looking at him in wonder.
“D’you think it’s cause we’re proper mates now, the blood exchange or what Spike, and more to the point, will it last?”
“Bloody hope it’ll last lovely, dunno why we can do it now and couldn’t before, but yeah, s’pose it has something to do with us being closer than close.”
“Does this mean you get to know everything I think?”
“Think something you don’t want me to know and we’ll see won’t we.”
What could he think that he’d not want Spike to know, he had it, not true but if Spike could ‘hear’ his thought he’d soon know. So he thought –

*If I didn’t have Spike I’d love Wil to fuck me senseless* and he waited for the explosion.


“You thought yer thought yet pet?”
“Yeah, I did an you didn’t hear it so that means you can’t probe me if I don’t want you to”
“I’d never probe you without you asking pet.”
*Mmm, probe me now Spike, probe me senseless baby*

The was suddenly a low growl and Xander saw Spike’s eyes turn gold and his true face form, Xander was a little scared, cause his didn’t look like the aroused vampire face, this looked like the very upset and going to kill something face.
Spike slowly and deliberately pushed Xander back onto the bed.
Xander was more than scared now, Spike looked extremely menacing.
“Never. Ever. Will another touch you. You. Belong to me. You. Are mine. Mine alone. Mine!”
Spike bit down savagely on his claim mark, it sent a spark of desire straight to Xander’s cock but at the same time it hurt like fuck. Suddenly he realised what was wrong.
Spike was drinking him down slowly but steadily.

“Spike – no one will ever touch me, no one but you. Y-you must’ve picked up on my thought I didn’t want you to hear. It – I - it was the only thing I could think of that if you did hear it I’d know. Spike, I only want you, believe me, read me before you drain me – please!”
Xander’s words began to penetrate the all consuming rage Spike felt at the betrayal from his Consort.
He calmed marginally, feeling the panic coming off Xander in waves, he could hear his mind calling to him too and without being conscious of it he listened and he felt the sincerity and the love Xander felt only for him, and he sensed the thought he’d picked up on, the reasoning behind it and knew with certainty that Xander wanted no one but him.

*Love you Spike, only you, always*
Spike went from rage to lust and Xander could feel it building, he knew Spike needed to take him and now he’d surrendered his hold Xander turned and offered himself to his Master, head on his arms, legs wide, ass in the air, submissive, he knew this was how Spike wanted him, had sensed it in his thoughts.
He felt vulnerable yet strangely in control but above all he felt so fucking horny, he was panting, knowing he was going to be claimed. He was still sticky and slick from last night and in no way prepared, but he knew that he must take this.

Spike pulled Xander to him roughly, his cock poking at his tender hole, he forced himself into Xander slowly inch by inch, fingers gripping his hips, he knew it was painful for Xander but he had to do this, it was instinct, and Xander knew it had to be done.
He made no sound as Spike fucked his claim into Xander and just as he was coming he pulled out so his spunk sprayed over Xander’s back. Spike rubbed his seed into Xander’s body, back and front, over his balls and cock, over his face and in his hair.
He was his, totally. He’d taken no pleasure in his act, it was just his right, Xander was his and he’d made sure anyone with a sense of smell knew.

Now that Xander had been duly chastised he was going to reward him for doing his duty as Spike’s Consort.
Spike pushed his face into Xander’s crack and poked his tongue into the abused hole and licked, laving the walls of Xander’s passage where he had so recently been taken, soothing him and taking away the ache, it was such a relief and sexy as hell.
He hadn’t cum when Spike took him, he knew he was supposedly being penitent and so couldn’t take any enjoyment from the act, not that he actually felt any, but now, this was seriously good and he could feel the trickle of pre cum oozing from his cock.
Spike stopped his soothing ministrations and flipped Xander over onto his back, nestling himself between his legs pulling Xander up onto his thighs, bending to Xander’s cock he took it into his mouth and sucked, his human features had previously returned but now his true face emerged again as he tasted his own essence on Xander’s cock.

Xander heaved and panted, his excitement growing as he felt fangs as well as Spike’s accomplished tongue caress his cock, he came, shaking uncontrollably as he felt Spike’s fang graze his shaft. His orgasm was sublime. If this was his reward for thinking bad thoughts he’d think one every day.
*No ya bloody won’t, this is me makin up to ya. You think unfaithful ever again and my reclaiming won’t nearly be as gentle*
*So that was gentle? Promise I won’t think anything like that again. I might just think dirty thoughts to drive you wild – would that be OK?*
“Drive me fuckin wild without reading yer thoughts love!”

“Take me in the shower Spike?”
Spike knew exactly what Xander meant by his words. Laughing he picked up his wanton lover and carried him to the shower.
“By rights I shouldn’t let you wash for days and every time I cum I should rub my spunk into you.”
Spike stopped just outside the shower.
“Yeah I think I should do that, I’d love to see you dirty for a few days, smelling purely of me.” He turned back to the bedroom.
“You wouldn’t!”
“I would and I will if I ever need to love. It’s my right.”
“So not fair, what about my rights as Consort? Do I even have any?”
“You got plenty love as well as my love, my indulgence, my devotion, oh yeah and my wrath if you were ever to disgrace me!”
“Please Spike, please can we shower?”
Spike sighed as if he was really put upon.
“I spose we can love, but I’m gonna have to clean inside yer arse with my cock.”
“Can we start there first? …….Spike?”
“I think something’s wrong with me. I want you inside me. But I’ve wanted that ever since I woke up, plus I just had the most stupendous orgasm and now I want you again. Its just not – well, its not normal!”

Spike wondered how to explain what Xander was feeling.
He assumed it was because he was picking up on Spike’s feelings, plus they were linked by blood, they had their bond and could read each others thoughts.
Spike always wanted to be inside his Consort, the least little think he did made him want to fuck him senseless, all these things combined had to be getting thru to Xander and making him as equally horny as Spike.

“Thanks Spike, good explanation. So, you want to fuck me senseless? Sounds good to me baby!”
Spike laughed, he was doing that a lot lately, he was pleased Xander had read his thoughts, and glad that he accepted the explanation, cause he was buggered if he could think it was anything else.
“And while I’m doing the question thing, what do I call you – you get to call me Consort, what’s your title?”
“Well love, demons who show respect call me Master Spike, you pet, only need to call me Master.”
Now that sent a shiver of utter lust through Xander. He was truly owned then, he belonged to Spike now and forever.
“I know I said I always wanted you to make love to me. But I just feel so horny n dirty, so – please - fuck me - Master?”

Spike obliged.
He took Xander into the shower, washed him and fucked him as requested, the only difference being that whilst fucking and eventually cumming their minds were joined and they shared the immensely pleasurable experience of each other’s orgasm which made it just about mind blowing.
“Can we do the mind meld thing every time we have sex Spike? Cause wow, that was better than good, it was truly awesome!”
“Bloody fantastic Xan. Fuck, never felt anything like that before. I s’pose we gotta keep our minds open ta each other. Sex will never be the same again love, it’s always gonna be……. Bloody brilliant!”
Xander laughed at Spike’s – well it had to be enthusiasm, he knew Spike liked sex, hell he liked sex but if they could both experience each others orgasm at the same time, it would always be mind blowing, like being high but without the narcotics.

The rest of that week all Spike and Xander did was eat, sleep and have sex, not necessarily in that order, but they did nothing else. Xander was taught many and varied things by Spike and many a time before he slipped into slumber he wondered why he was so lucky, why he’d never known the pleasure of another man, and why had he left it so long.
Spike often caught the drift of Xander’s rambling thoughts before sleep and thanked his lucky stars that Xander had never known another man, was pleased Xander enjoyed his teaching, and he too also regretted that they had wasted time. But they had lifetimes ahead of them.
He would tell his Consort.

By the time the unit finished Gender Orientation Spike and Xander had just about re-oriented themselves. J came to see them and told them that the unit had now finished their time in the Nursery and had been provided quarters within the complex amongst the other adults and were now free to go about the city helping in any way they saw fit, be it finding someone’s lost dog to helping out with a mathematical equation.
All in all it was a fairly utopian society.
Nobody seemed to work in a manual capacity, everyone was happy, well fed, content, there was scope for learning and advancement, new technologies were trialled, new literature was published, the arts were well patronised, everyone had a purpose, but there was never any pressure, no deadlines, no danger, no risk.

Spike and Xander had an apartment right next door to Wil and Xan which made all four of them extremely pleased. They liked each other’s company, probably due to the fact that they were practically twins, almost identical in looks and also had the same personality traits. Spike didn’t like it much if Xander and Wil were alone for anything more than a few minutes, he was sure that Wil would take advantage of his lovely, trusting Consort.
Xan thought Spike was being ridiculous and told him so. Spike knew he was being irrational, but he was ultra protective of Xander.

Spike liked to be outside as often as possible, enjoying the sun and Xan had told him that there was an area at the top of their building where one could go to be out in the open and have complete privacy.
The views over the city were magnificent and he was sure he and Xan-der would enjoy the peace, tranquillity and solitude, as he and his mate had already. So Spike decided he would surprise Xander and take him off for the day, they could have a picnic, laze about in the open air and have copious amounts of hot sex as long as they really were alone up there! He let Xan into his plan so that someone knew where they would be – just in case.

The next day Spike got his picnic from the replicator, posh basket and all filled with all the goodies that he knew Xander liked. He woke his sleepy Consort and told him to get a move on and get dressed.
“What’s the rush baby? Where’s my proper morning wake up eh?” Xander was not used to waking up without some form of sex and for Spike to be up before him and not ravishing him while he was still half asleep, well, damn it something had to be wrong.

“Shower pet, kit on then we’re off out. Get a wiggle on love, don’t wanna waste the daylight!” Spike told him merrily as he whipped the cover off Xander’s naked form. Xander eeped, shot out of the bed and jumped in the shower quickly washing and then dressing.
“Got a surprise for ya pet, come on, we’re gonna have a little holiday today!”
“Not had any breakfast Spike, hope you got something for me, don’t wanna starve!”
“All you think about love is feeing yer face, but don’t worry, I’d never forget you like yer grub!” Spike pulled Xander along after him out of their apartment and straight onto the turbo lift platform and in a matter of seconds they were at the top of the building.

“What are we doing up here Spike?”
“Just be quiet for once love and wait – everything comes to he who waits pet!” All of a sudden they were there, just through a door and onto the roof. Xan had told Spike that, to ensure privacy, once someone had opened and passed thru the door if someone else tried to open it, it remained closed. Spike had been impressed and had made Xan go up with him to try it out, and just as Xan said, it worked.

The area was grassed and there were small shrubs and low growing trees, also a clear pool with a gentle waterfall tumbling down a few well placed boulders.
All in all it was a little oasis away from the everyday comings and goings of the city.

“Wow, Spike, this is so cool, how’d you find it? Look at that view – it’s fantastic!” Xander walked to the edge of the roof and looked out over the city. *Just like Star Trek baby, a city of the future, come and look* Spike deposited his basket and went over to Xander to take in the view.
“Yeah, pretty cool eh love.” Spike wrapped his arms around Xander and pressed his front to Xander’s back, inhaling the scent that he would never, ever tire of. Spike started to undo fastenings and felt the question in Xander’s mind.
*Nobody can see us here love this high up, wanted to feel the heat of the sun on me arse while I feel the heat of you wrapped around me cock. It’ll be perfect baby, just perfect*

“Why Spike, you’re such a romantic!” giggled Xander “But that is one very sexy thought. I’ve never done it in the open air, it’s kinda risky I s’pose – what if someone comes up and we’re in the middle of – y’know?”
“Well love, that’s all part of the thrill innit?!” Spike told him, deciding on the spur of the moment not to tell Xander they were completely safe from any prying eyes. Xander’s dick started to harden at the thought of being caught in the act. Spike could feel Xander’s heart start to speed up and an overpowering waft of lust all but knocked him for six.

He managed, with shaking hands, to finally undo the fastenings to Xander’s tunic and let it fall to the ground. Next he pushed his hands down the front of Xander’s pants, his cool hands grasping the hot piece of flesh he found there. Xander moaned, head falling back onto Spike’s shoulders as Spike caressed the hardness of his lover.

“Love the way you moan like that Xan, love the feel of your dick in my hands, love how you always want me, love you so much baby”
“Want you Spike, want to feel your skin against mine, wanna feel you filling me, taking me, you make me so hard, can you feel – I’m dripping and wet all for you, just the touch of your hands on me makes me wanna …… please – make me yours, claim me, make me scream. My Master, my love, my life.”

God but Xander could reduce him to something so base with the things he said, all Spike wanted now was to thrust into him, take him like his Consort wanted, fill him full of his seed, over and over, to never let their pleasure stop. He tore at the pants and they fell to the ground, his own following almost as quickly, he bent Xander forwards spreading his legs, his cock already seeking entrance to his mate’s body which was still slick from their last encounter, as he breached Xander he opened his mind to his mate knowing Xander would do the same.

The barrage of emotion was almost too much in its intensity for them both, swamping their senses, filling them with the joy of their coupling. Xander could feel what Spike felt on entering him, Spike also felt Xander’s emotions as he was thrust into, it made their experience unique, it was so much more powerful and passionate and when they both came grunting from their exertions they were almost out for the count. Spike never wanted it to stop, ever. Each time it felt different, always spectacular but with their minds joined any stray thought subtly altered their experience.

Spike pulled Xander back making them collapse onto the carpet of grass, Xander impaled on his Master’s still hard cock.
“Fuck me pet, but that was the best! I will never ever get tired of shaggin you Xan, not even after 400 years love!”
Xander smiled, still too blissed out to even think of talking, he just let his thoughts be open to Spike which were jumbled but along the lines of *fantastic, joy, love, full, love, eternal, owned, wanted, love, more, warm, love*
“You are so special baby, every time I’m inside you it’s bloody wonderful, you make me feel whole love, we are just so bloody perfect together!”
“Mmmm. Me too baby.” Xander was still up on cloud nine not wanting to come down for a while yet. Unfortunately it didn’t last as his stomach started to grumble. Spike reluctantly pulled out of Xander and padded over to retrieve the basket of goodies. He took it to the small pond and laid out the mini feast for Xander.
“C’mon love, come and get stuck in.”
“Spike, can’t move, legs – jello!”
“Lazy sod!” Spike grumbled as he walked over and dragged Xander laughing back towards the pond and food. He soon demolished the pancakes, fruit, eggs and rolls, washing it all down with his usual orange juice.

It had surprised Xander to find that he could get along quite happily without eating meat, his food was varied, interesting and nutritious. Whilst he’d been here he had lost weight, gained muscle and he felt about as healthy as he ever had. And now he was replete. He laid back, rubbed his full stomach with one hand and reached for his partner with the other.
“We gonna sun bathe for a bit Spike before elevenses?”
“Elevenses pet? And what pray tell will we do for that?”
“Well I thought we could fuck in this lovely little pond, or I could get grass stains on my knees while you get your ass warm in the sun, oh – or we could just lay here in the sun and suck each other off, up to you my Lord and Master!”
“Probably all of the above baby – am I gonna have ta carry you back downstairs when the sun goes down?”
“Oh love, I really hope so!!”

They spent a blissful day up on the roof, lazing around, getting warm in the sunshine, having passionate sex, talking and just ‘being’. They were happy. It had been one of the best days they’d had so far, it was a shame it had to end. Still, they could do it all again another day. Xander had loved the feeling of freedom, being able to walk around in the open air completely naked, it was very liberating.
He’d enjoyed the thrill of possibly being caught in the act, but nobody had come up and disturbed them.
Spike decided never to let on.

The days seemed to roll into one another and before they knew it a year had passed and they were half way thru the next when Xander had an accident. It was nothing terribly serious, in fact he’d had worse happen to him before, but Spike went ape.
Xander had been running in the park that they liked to go to and had stumbled over tree roots of all things, fallen very badly and broken his ankle, he’d scraped off the skin all along his forearm as he tried to break his fall.

The first thing to hit Spike was the smell of his Consort’s blood and then he felt the pain radiating from Xander, he felt it in his head as well which made it so much worse. His own pain he could stand, but Xander’s? No.
Spike was beside himself. He lifted Xander as gently as he could and dashed off with him to the Medical Facility, he wasn’t surprised to see Xan and Wil at the door waiting for him.
“He’s hurt, Xander’s hurt!” wailed Spike. Wil tried to help Spike but he’d have none of it. He didn’t want anyone touching his Xander.

“Spike! Stop. You must let us help you. Xan-der’s injury is not life threatening – let us assist you. Spike – you are panicking unnecessarily, you must stop or you will damage Xan-der more!”
Xan’s words finally sunk into Spike’s brain and he stopped and stood stock still. He wasn’t coherent, all he knew was that his mate was injured and he hadn’t been able to prevent it.
“Help me?” he pleaded, almost broken by this one small injury to his mate that he had been powerless to stop.
“It goes without saying my friend. Now, let us repair your mate.”
“Hey, still here guys - and repair? I am so not a machine needing repair. I need medical attention! Owww, Spike, it bloody hurts!!”
Wil led them into the building whilst Xan went to find one of the medical technicians so that Xander’s broken bone could be mended and he could have his skin derma-generated. Xander was whisked away out of Spike’s grasp before he could protest.

A medical tech was located and informed of Xander’s injuries and he was taken away from the three men to be ‘repaired’.

Spike had to be held back by Wil and Xan who explained to him that he was being taken to a sterile environment and it was forbidden to have spectators as it was uncomfortable for the tech’s and also not conducive to the patient’s well being.

*Bollocks* came over very forcefully in Wil and Xan’s minds.
It didn’t even take 5 minutes for Xander to be repaired, but to Spike it felt like hours had passed he was so wound up. Xander was wheeled out in a chair looking remarkably well. The pallor due to the pain had gone, his skin looked as good as new and he was chatting happily to the tech.
“Hey Spike, this is so cool, look, good as new!” and he showed Spike his arm and flexed his leg and foot to show how he was already mended.
“This here is my new buddy Ben, he has healing hands, oh yeah and this cool bed thing like on the Enterprise, Spike you have to see it, it’s just plain awesome! And it just zapped me and hey good as new, not a scratch on me!”

“Can I take him home now?” Spike asked Xan as he all but ignored Xander. Xan nodded and Spike scooped Xander out of the chair and without a word strode home. He looks really pissed Xander thought, so even tho he wanted to talk a mile a minute about his medical regeneration he knew to keep his babble quiet. He didn’t know what he’d done, whether it was cause he said nice stuff about Ben or if it was cause he got hurt, sometimes he couldn’t work his love out, so at times like this it was best just to wait for the storm to break, which it would as soon as they got home.
It was a given.

Spike strode into their room and deposited Xander on the bed.
He said it in such a way that Xander was almost powerless to resist.

“Just stay there and don’t fuckin move till I get back.” And with that he strode out of the room. Spike took the turbo lift to the roof hoping nobody was up there, and as luck would have it the door opened. Spike slammed the door stalked to the middle of the roof and dropped to his knees threw his head back and howled at the clear blue sky.

It was a cry of pain, anguish and despair. How could he feel like this, it was unbearable, how could he endure to feel this pain as well as Xander’s pain. How? Would he feel like this when he lost Xander or would it become a thousand times worse the longer they survived as mates? He had to shield Xander from his pain, he wouldn’t be able to cope with the intensity of his heartache. He stayed up on the roof for hours trying to calm himself and put his thoughts in order. It was good for him to be alone, he could sort out his feelings and his concerns, he could think of questions to ask, problems to be overcome.
He would need to talk to Xan.
He might need to confess.

Slightly more composed that he had been when he first came up to the roof he reached out tentatively to Xander but all he could sense was peace. Xander must have gone to sleep. It was probably best that he had. He got up from off of his knees not realising that he hadn’t moved for hours, the sun was getting lower in the sky, he’d been there a lot longer than he thought.

Xander was asleep when Spike crept back into their room but began to stir when Spike came closer to him. Xander yawned and stretched.
“You stopped being mad at me now?” he asked quietly. Spike sighed a long suffering sigh, his own long suffering.
“I’m sorry I overreacted love. It – I couldn’t stop it, I couldn’t take away your pain and I thought – I just – I can’t loose you Xan” he turned an anguished face towards Xander.
“You silly vampire, you’re not gonna loose me from a broken ankle!”
“No love, but one day I will loose you. And that will be unbearable, so anything that hurts you just makes me realise that one day…… one day Xan, I’ll be alone. You’ll be gone and I won’t want to live anymore.”
Xander could feel Spike’s misery and he held out his arms to the man he loved.
“You’ll always have me baby. I ain’t never gonna leave Spike, when - before I reach 30, turn me. We can have an eternity together then. You could get really fed up with me thru eternity and wish you’d never taken me as a mate. You know how annoying I can be love!” As always Xander tried to make it better with humour.

“Never gonna turn you pet. Want you all warm and human just like you are now. I don’t want you as a demon love, that wouldn’t be the you I fell in love with.”

“Spike, we’re getting a bit down here baby, I broke my ankle. I’m gonna live a long and healthy life, and I don’t want to ever loose you, so you will turn me or, well I dunno. Something to think about. Now why don’t we get in touch with our twins and go have some happy time huh?”
“C’mon then love” Spike said smiling a small smile, “Let’s go find Bill and Ben and we can feed yer face and relax a bit”
“Who the dickens are Bill and Ben my precious?”
“Before your time love, but meant kindly.” Spike held out his hand to Xander and watched to see if he was in the slightest pain or if he limped. Nothing, as good as new, just like he’d said.
“You can tell me all about you new best friend ‘Ben’ can’t ya love!”
“Do I detect a note of jealousy my one and only?” Xander asked with a smirk.
“Course ya bloody do! Nobody but me gets to touch you unless I bloody well say so. You’re mine Xan and don’t you bloody well forget it!”

Enlightenment Part 2

Title: Enlightenment
Pairing: The only one that matters S/X
Warnings: m/m sex
Disclaimer: None of it belongs to me, I make no money
Rating: NC17 eventually
Summary: Our heroes are flung far into the future
This is not beta'd

“I trust you both rested well; would you like to share nourishment?” Wil asked. Spike and Xander looked to Xan.
“It is my duty in this time period to be the voice of the unit. Please – shall we go?” Wil held out his hand and Xander took it; from behind him he heard a very low growl. Wil immediately snatched his hand back. Xander turned to look at Spike.
“What was that? Did you - did you growl?”
“Sorry Wil, Xan, Xander, instinct innit, natural.”
“I understand and apologise for my mistake. We do not mix with adult bonded pairs. I shall not forget. I am deeply sorry.”
“S’OK Wil, I know you’re not a threat, come on, lead on Macduff, I know someone who will want ‘nourishment’ by the bucket load!”
“I do not eat from buckets I’ll have you know, well unless the Colonel provides! Anyhoo, what goes for breakfast around here?”
“We have fruit and breads, beverages, what is your favourite thing to eat Xander?”
“Pancakes with butter and syrup, with coffee n juice?”
“We shall request it for you and also refreshment for Spike.”

Xander rubbed his hands together in glee until Spike caught them and held onto one possessively. Xander quietened and turned to look shyly at a smiling Spike. The smile quickly disappeared and gold flecked his eyes once more. Xander brought his free hand to Spike’s cheek and stroked the back of his fingers softly from cheek to jaw watching as the flecks turned to solid gold. How could he have power over this creature?
How could he make him react like this? It had to be something in the air, it couldn’t possibly be him. His ridges were starting to show too. Xander stopped and kissed Spike’s mouth softly gasping as he felt fangs extend and the ridges on his brow solidify.

Xander was breathless.
Spike panted.

Xander traced Spike’s true face, a look of wonder on his own, fingers ghosting back and forth over brow, cheeks, nose and finally lips. Spike panted as he stood rooted under Xander’s gentle scrutiny.
“My Spike. Beautiful creature.” He whispered.
The two childer were mesmerised by Spike, never before having seen a demon’s true face, they gazed in wonder at the scene before them. Spike and Xander were completely unaware; Spike desperately trying to keep his emotions in check and Xander doing – without realising – his very best to arouse Spike beyond endurance.

Spike was at the point of hyperventilating from just a few gentle words and touches from Xander, he had to get away from him before he did something rash, he wasn’t thinking coherently, running on instinct he fled from the room as Xander’s fingers still traced where Spike had stood only moments ago.

He visibly came back to himself wondering, not for the first time, what he’d done now. He looked around for Wil only to find all the childer staring at him. They had been drawn by the extraordinary thoughts and emotions transmitted by Wil and Xan.
“What?” he asked defensively.

Wil tried to put into words what the group were feeling but he was having a hard time of it.
“This unit has not yet seen the face of a demon or the, the… felt the power of it’s presence and that of the depth of feeling the demon has for it’s mate. We were not prepared. We have been deeply moved, we cannot…. equate or compare this ….. emotion. It is formidable.”

Xander pondered Wil’s halting words, he hoped he hadn’t blown this, maybe he and Spike weren’t the ideal couple to be emissary’s for the 20th century, and then another thought dawned on him and he looked at Wil sharply.

“I thought you said that you wouldn’t do the mind reading thing Wil, that’s not fair when we can’t defend ourselves. I feel really – exposed!” he said wrapping his arms around himself.
By this time J had come over to the group sensing their disquiet and shock.
“Xand-der, none of the childer have compromised you or your bonded mate. In certain circumstances thoughts and emotions are clear to read without the mind being touched. Spike was unintentionally emitting exceptionally strong emotion which was easily picked up by the childer. Your privacy has not been compromised.”

Xander took in what J had said and he realised that it wasn’t what he’d felt but what Spike had felt that had triggered the looks on the faces of the group. Wow he thought, did I make him feel that?

“I think Xan-der that it is time for the childer to move onto the next stage of their education. It is unfortunate that you and Spike cannot be with them for this stage. I shall speak privately with you both about this, but for now, please, take nourishment.”
”I should go after Spike first” he said looking from J to the door through which Spike had fled.
“That is not advisable Xan-der.” She smiled kindly at him.
“In many ways you are so like the childer, you too have much to learn. I will find your mate and speak with him. Now please, nourishment, otherwise your health will suffer!” she told him, her tone sounding so much like Joyce he couldn’t argue.

Spike was in their quarters when J found him. He was pacing, mumbling and growling to himself but stopped as J came into the room.
Spike, please sit and take my hands.” Spike did as he was asked and before he knew it he could hear J in his head, clear as day, as she smiled at his stricken face. She conveyed to him in seconds what it would have taken a good 15 minutes to speak. Spike looked at J sadly.

“I can’t help it! I want him! He does these things to me without even realising what he’s doing and I can’t loose control, I don’t have my chip, I won’t hurt him, I won’t, but I want him so much. He doesn’t realise. He’s so bloody ….. dense!!!” Spike sadly shook his head wondering what to do. J sighed and spoke.
“I can teach you both to control your feelings, not to suppress them, but to stop them becoming too much to bear, stop them leaking out if you will. Xan-der is approaching so I shall speak with you both, but I will withdraw so you can first speak privately. You would never harm him Spike, do not fear that you would.” J left the room and seconds later Xander tentatively stuck his head round the door.
“Spike? C’n I come in?”
“Yeah pet, you OK? Had yer brekkie?”
“Un huh. What did I do wrong?”
“Nothing love. Nothing. Come here and sit down so I can tell ya what - what ya do.”
He patted the bed next to him and Xander sidled over afraid that he might mess up again. Spike took a deep fortifying breath.

“You touch me in ways no one else ever has love. I want you constantly, and when you touch me or even look at me sometimes I just can’t control my demon. He wants you, we want to claim you so you belong to us. I want you to be mine Xander. And I know, I bloody know, you’re not ready for that commitment. I know you like me, I know this is sudden, I want to give you time, but sayin that, I still want you now, this minute, and it’s just buggering me up.”

Well, that was worth waiting for Xander decided. A declaration of – intent? He hadn’t said the ‘L’ word but it sure as hell felt like that’s what he meant. And sudden? - slight understatement there too! He did like Spike, he wanted his kisses, his touch, yes, he admitted, he wanted his love, but he was very scared about the physical act. He’d never considered it, hell he’d never looked sideways at another guy. But this was Spike, not any other guy, and even without this bondy aura malarkey he felt he could be happy with him.

“I’m sorry Spike. I honestly didn’t know you felt that strongly. I like to touch you, I want to touch you more, but I – what if I do it wrong, and, and – the other ‘stuff’, it scares me Spike; you’re right, I’m not ready now, but I will be. Can you wait?”

“See, ya bloody tosser, you’ve done it again, now I just wanna…aaaaargghh!!”
“Should I be nasty to you? Would that help – you slimy undead ugly bleached psycho!”
It was enough to ease Spike’s tension and he laughed long and loud.
“You look lovely when you laugh.” And the laugh turned back into a groan of frustration.
“See, no matter what, I get it wrong, and I so don’t wanna!”
“Xander. My lovely, lovely, precious, innocent boy. I’ll wait for as long as you need.” and he leaned forward cupping Xander’s face with both hands and kissed him.
“Thank you. I love your kisses, love them.”
It was a very opportune moment for J to return. Spike reluctantly gave Xander his face back and they both waited expectantly.

“Spike, Xan-der, you have both forced me to accelerate the childer’s education with your shows of affection for each other. Please, do not think of this as chastisement, it is not meant as such. Soon the unit would have to spend time in Gender Orientation, where they would choose their gender, human or demon and would undergo a period of acclimatisation before going to the next stage of their education.
Because of your displays of affection for each other the childer witnessed, I feel it is best that this be brought forward. I strongly recommend that because of the heightened states the childer will experience that Spike, most especially, be well away from them and the effect they would have on a demon’s senses. They are bonded; they will be exploring new emotions and experiences and will emerge as mature mates. I hope you understand the significance of this time.”

Spike nodded his understanding, Xander looked a little shell shocked but finally nodded he understood too.

“Good. All is well. You can stay with the unit until the end of this time period – three days hence. I would ask that you please try hard to keep displays of affection for the private time you share, for the sake of my peace of mind and that of the childer!”

“No worries J. Can we join the gang now? Do they know about jumping the queue, or do we keep our traps shut?”
“You can join the others, they will know soon enough about their accelerated programme, your traps can remain open” she told them with a smile.
“Whilst they are away we can work on your mental controls and also see if you would be receptive to telepathy.”
”That is so cool J, can we do mind melds?” Spike laughed at the confused look on J’s usually serene face.
“No ya daft bugger, still Earth not Vulcan!”
”I knew it, I knew you liked it, you know what I’m talking about you – you trekkie!” Xander giggled in delight as Spike grabbed his hand and hauled him away to find the ‘gang’.

The following three days passed harmoniously, Spike kept his emotions in check and Xander kept his hands to himself, at least in public. It was quite moving for all concerned when it was time to say goodbye. Spike and Xander were told that it would be approximately 25 full time units before they would see their new friends again.
Spike and Xander hugged each of them in turn saying they’d see them all again soon and whilst they were gone they would explore more of this new world of theirs. Leaving Xan and Wil until last Spike told them he would miss them, he hoped they didn’t make any hasty decisions in choosing their gender but they should feel it was the right decision, the same with their species – don’t be swayed by outside influences. Xander was a little overcome at the prospect of not seeing these familiar faces for night on 6 months, he hugged Xan and Wil to him together.
“I’m so gonna miss you both, be safe, come back to us soon.”

Wil and Xan could feel the strong emotion coming from Xander and it affected them both deeply.
“The time will pass and we will reunite again as equals. We both look forward to this, we will not be hasty.” Xan smiled fondly at Xander and raised his hand in the universal gesture. Xander proudly returned the Vulcan salute and en masse the chider left.

“Well pet, that’s that for 6 months then. What can we get up to in that time eh?” Spike said slyly.
“Brain training Spike, telepathy – now can you tell what I’m thinking?”
Spike pretended to concentrate.
“Yep, got it love!” and he leaned over for a quick kiss. Xander sighed,
“Wrong! I was thinking about exploring. Come on bleach, let’s go snooping, I know how you love a good snoop!”

So they snooped.
Whom ever they spoke to gave them advice or directions and were always helpful and friendly. It unnerved Spike slightly to find such trusting souls. He supposed they were all the same, no reason not to trust.
They enjoyed their day, retired for the night and spent the rest of the week in more or less the same way. They got to know each other better, Xander becoming more and more relaxed around Spike when they were alone, and Spike happy to just be with him.
J taught them control; she found that they could both, given time and training, use their minds to communicate with firstly each other and then possibly J and the others of the group. They were both keen to learn and spent time every day doing the mental exercises J taught them.

It was about five months into the childer’s ‘exile’ and Xander was beginning to miss them more and more. It wasn’t that he didn’t enjoy his time with Spike but he was a social person and he wanted to see his friends.
He spoke to J about his feelings and she said it would be possible for Xander to see Xan and Wil if they were in agreement, but Spike could not see them, because of the effect it could have on him.
It worried Xander as to how Spike would react, but he shouldn’t have worried because Spike was pleased that Xander wanted to see them, he could report back on their progress, and it would be good for both of them to be apart for a little while.
They could even try telepathy and see if it worked. Spike was quietly excited at the prospect of being able to touch Xander’s mind from a distance, and Xander was excited that he was going to see his friends – if they agreed, which apparently J said they had.

Xander made his way with J over to the annex which housed the unit of helpers whilst they underwent the process of their gender alignment.
“You will find them greatly changed Xan-der. This has been a difficult time for them but I feel that they are well adjusted, some of the others have had a much more challenging transition.”
“OK, It’ll be cool J, don’t worry.” And off he went.

Xander was completely unprepared for the changes in Wil and Xan. They seemed to have grown about 6 inches, it was obvious which gender they had chosen, Xander wouldn’t have expected any different. It was like looking in a mirror when he looked at Xan, and Wil, well he was beautiful, just like his Spike, well, not quite as stunning.

“Xan-der, it is good to see you again, Wil and I have missed you both, are you well?”
“Xan buddy, look at you, wow, you look great, see you went for male, you too Wil – hey, did we have anything to do with your choice?”
”No Xan-der, we can actually think for ourselves (!) we had discussed this before we even met you, we both wanted the same gender, we’ve explored our sexuality and we are more than happy with the choice.”
”Wow, way to go there Wil I – do you mind, would you kinda talk to me about that? You’ve both gone straight into this from – well, nothing and me, well, done the sex thing with girls, but never – Spike and I, we, thing is – it scares me.” His babble finally stumbled to a halt.
Wil and Xan exchanged a look and before you could blink Xander felt his head nearly explode, he was left reeling from the raging raw emotion he had just experienced as Wil and Xan thought of their first true bonding and let Xander share all the emotions it entailed.

“This is not something we would willingly share, but you have – did Spike tell you the story of his ancestor?”
”What’s that got to do with anything?” he asked in confusion, still trying to come to grips with all the thoughts and feelings swimming round his head. Xan smiled.
“You Xan-der have a great purpose. Do you love him? No, I do not need to ask, we both know that you do.”
“You should not fear something as natural as showing physical love for your mate. Do not hesitate Xan-der because you will regret it if you do. Your love should conquer your fear.”
“When did you get so all knowing Xan? Do they cram your head full of pearls of wisdom in here too?”
Xan laughed at his namesake.

“Xan-der you too are wise, jus not in this matter. I have truly missed your company over the time we have spent here, Wil and I both look forward greatly to reacquainting ourselves with you and Spike, and very soon if all is well.”
“Gee, that’s really cool Xan, we’ve missed you both too. I’m glad we had this time together, and – and thanks guys, your help is really appreciated – really. Hey, better make tracks, you come back soon, and hopefully when we meet again, me n Spike will have, well, y’know.” He ended shyly.

They hugged again and Xander gave them both a cheery wave as he left the building. Once outside he sat down on a convenient seat and thought very hard about Spike and how much he cared for him, hoping that with all the techniques J had taught him he might just reach him and if not shout in Spike’s head at least whisper.
He hoped he did it right, he thought he could feel Spike, but hey, it was early days. He was determined now after having had a peek from Xan and Wil about consummating his relationship with Spike.
Spike had been more than understanding with him and he was surprised at how considerate he had been.
Xander knew how volatile and impatient Spike was and it was a miracle he had survived intact. He knew Spike was getting ansty and he really couldn’t blame him, he’d been really stupid and built it up into more than it was, or made it seem so in his own mind. What an idiot, he chided himself.

Spike felt something niggling in his mind, well not exactly a niggle more a nice warm glowy type feeling. He hoped it was an attempt by Xander to contact him.
That boy was pushing his patience to the limit.
If he didn’t get to shag him soon he’d be wearing his right arm out!
True, this last week or two they’d got as far as oral sex, but christ it had been a long time in coming, oh but it was so good, Xander tasted divine, and his responsiveness and innocent enjoyment made it so good for Spike.
He loved Xander, he truly did love him; he made him happy, happier that he felt he had ever been.
Maybe it was this place, away from all the pressures of their lives in Sunnydale, he couldn’t say for certain, but he had enjoyed every minute he’d spent with Xander, the boy was like a breath of fresh air, he never wanted to be without him. Hopefully the story of William the Bloody was true and they would indeed spend centuries together.

Even if their telepathy wasn’t that hot Spike could always sense when Xander was near, and his Spikey senses were starting to tingle. Xander strolled into their quarters, all happy smiles. Spike sensed a change in him, couldn’t quite put his finger on it, but something had changed.

“Hey Spike! Our very handsome descendants send their best, it was really cool seeing them, they really have changed y’know, I know they look kinda like you n me, but jeeze, now me n Xan could be twins, same for you n Wil, cept for the body heat and your all over moon glow! And their voice’s? Gone down a few octaves, it was freaky!”
“Cheeky sod! You enjoy your little visit then pet.”
“Yeah” Xander paused in thought “Yeah, it was enlightening!” he snorted.
“What’s the tale of the last Aurelius, Xan asked if you’d told me.” Spike didn’t want to tell Xander, not now, but he would – eventually.
“Nothing special love, I’ll tell ya sometime. You gonna get a shower n we can go get some grub then go out for a bit, that OK?”
“Sure, you been alright while I was over with the guys? Did ya miss me, huh, huh? Hey, did you feel anything, cause I tried really hard to reach that mind of yours.”
“Felt all warm n glowy kinda, you been thinking nice things bout me pet?”
“Yeah. Lots of nice things. All the things I think bout you are nice. I – I better go shower.” And off he went, fairly quickly and looking preoccupied Spike thought.

After they’d eaten the pair went out for a walk.
Spike loved to be out in the sunshine, to be able to walk round with Xander, enjoying the ambience of their surroundings.
Nothing was rushed, there was never any danger, there were only ever a few people out and about, but they all seemed to have a purpose and never bothered them apart from a shy smile every now and then.
There was a large park that Spike and Xander like to walk thru which had small deer grazing in it. Xander felt as if he was like Dr Dolittle, shame the animals didn’t understand him, but he tried to project feelings of safety and now the deer didn’t actually run away when he approached.
He held out a hand to the nearest deer to him and it nuzzled his fingers with its cold wet nose. Xander was thrilled, then out of the blue he asked Spike
“Do you miss the hunt, y’know killing, blood from the vein?”
“What the bloody hell brought that on love?”
“Well, you’re violent by nature, and you seem to not be anymore I just wondered if you were OK with it.”

Spike sat and thought for a while before he answered Xander. If he was truthful he didn’t miss the hunt. He had no tension to get rid of, well apart from sexual frustration and that was easily remedied, he was, for a bloodthirsty psycho, remarkably chilled and he could honestly say he didn’t miss killing at all, which when you thought about it was very odd indeed because it was a part of his nature.

“No love, don’t miss it, wonder if it’s cause I’ve no worries here. Wonder what’ll happen when we go back. What if I turn into a crazed fiend eh?” he joked with Xander allowing his true face to emerge pretending to lunge at his neck.
“I’d let you y’know” Xander told him seriously. Spike still chucking to himself said
“Let me what pet?”
“Bite me. If you wanted, if you could.” Xander looked at him with those fathomless eyes, all innocence and beauty, offering himself willingly.

“Ah love! Thank you. Xan? You wanna stay here or can we go back, there’s stuff I need to tell ya love”
“Yeah, me too. Come on then beautiful, lets go.”
“Feelin alright there pet, bit generous with yer compliments!”
“You know you are, only have to look at Wil to know, he’s a real hottie.”
Spike growled low and grabbed Xander, pulling him possessively to him.
“Don’t tease pet, and don’t be lookin at Wil, might not wanna kill anything just now, but you go flirtin and makin me jealous who’s to say what might happen.”
”I love you being jealous, it makes me all…… hot, knowing I’m yours.” Lust sparked in Xander’s eyes and he pulled Spike’s ass to him feeling the hardness in the front of his jeans pressing against his own rapidly growing erection.
“Fuck Xan, just - bloody fuck!” Christ he was going to have to get bromide after all.
“Yes please. I – want you Spike, such a fool, been such a fool baby. Please – forgive me?”
Spike felt his jaw bounce off the pavement. This was it, the moment he’d waited moths for, what’d made Xander decide now? Fuck if he knew, but thank all the gods in their heavens that he was givin it up. Hallelujah!!

Spike picked him up, slung him over his shoulder and ran all the way back to their quarters with Xander laughing hysterically as he was bounced around. Once back ‘home’ Spike deposited Xander gently onto the bed. Now, he had to tell him before he chickened out.

“You trust me love?” Xander nodded.
“When you went back to our time, Xan an Wil took me to the medical facility and they, well, they removed my chip. It’s been gone nearly six months. I didn’t want to tell you cause I wanted you to still feel safe with me. Do you? Still feel safe?”
Xander did. He knew Spike would never harm him. He knew Spike loved him.
“When you take me will you bite me? Claim me for your own?”
Spike’ demon came to the fore and he howled. This was what he wanted, all he’d ever wanted for the past six months, he wanted to breath, think, feel, be Xander, he wanted to be inside him, a part of him, to be so close that they were one.
Xander watched Spike watch him in fascination as he slowly pulled the fastenings apart on his tunic, letting it slip from his arms. Jesus H Christ, Spike had never seen him look like this before, wanton yet still innocent, cock pressing against his trousers, waiting to be freed.

“Xander, I don’t think I can last love, soddin terrible admission, but as soon as you touch me I’ll shoot me bloody load”
“Come here then, we don’t want to waste it. Let me blow you.”
Spike nearly came in his pants just from the way Xander said it. He tore his tunic and pants off and moved to get on the bed.
“No - don’t.”
Oh God, he’s changed his mind, he’s changed his bloody mind was Spike’s first thought, but then Xander slipped off his tunic and in one fluid movement he was on the floor kneeling in front of Spike, reaching with his mouth for that leaking, pulsing column of flesh, and as Xander’s hot wet mouth closed around it Spike came instantly, forcefully and very noisily as he howled out his pleasure.

Xander swallowed allowing the taste and texture to coat his mouth, he had something of Spike inside him, he nearly belonged. He suckled gently at the still hard cock in his mouth, feeling around with his tongue, exploring the tip, dipping into the still oozing slit and then under the foreskin.
Spike was shuddering with the intensity of his release and the feelings Xander was evoking in him.
Xander grasped Spike’s buttocks in both hands and tried to take as much of him as he could, he hadn’t had a lot of practice, but that was something that was gonna change.

He released one perfectly smooth buttock to cup Spikes balls, but felt he didn’t have enough contact and so pulled Spike to him with his other arm so his face was pressed against Spike’s lower belly his nose nestled in his tickly wiry hairs.
Xander inhaled deeply and mmm’d at the uniquely Spike smell, sending vibration through Spike’s sensitive cock.
For all his innocence Xander was making Spike loose any grip on his fragile control and as Xander’s hand played with his balls, he pulled him closer so that Spike could feel his hot breath warming the base of his cock.
Spike’s legs trembled, his balls tightened and he came again his head falling back as he moaned, fingers fisting into Xander’s hair. He came back quickly enough when he heard and felt an “Owwwww” vibrating through his dick.
“Love, sorry, you – shit Xander, that was mind blowing, bloody fantastic. Sorry love, I got carried away, hope I didn’t pull any hair out.”
Xander let the now softening member slip from his lips.
“You taste all salty and bitter and you feel, god you make me feel in control, powerful. I made you do that. I made you come twice, twice! I am the man!”

“You certainly are love. My man. Now you’ve taken the edge off for me, I wanna concentrate on you. Let me help you out of those constricting pants, then I can admire that ravishing body and decide where I’m gonna start …. concentratin’.”
“Yeah love, but much, much later!”
Spike managed to pull off Xander’s pants then picked him up and laid him out on the bed. Xander had never liked Spike to look at him in this way, yeah he’d seen him naked nearly every day, but Xander never ‘displayed’ himself and Spike couldn’t understand why cause he was so beautiful, all bronzed skin, not an ounce of fat on him, well defined muscles, gorgeous dick, he was a living work of art, but he had no idea at all that he was.

“Why don’t you like me to look at you like this pet?”
“Shy I’spose, plus - nothing special to look at, not like you. But, well, the way you’re looking at me now makes me feel – you look like you love me Spike. You don’t look lustful, seen that look often enough to know. Do you love me? I hope you do, I want you to love me as much as I love you. I wa…..”

Xander’s words were lost in a hot wet kiss as Spike devoured his mouth, fingers making marks on his biceps as he pulled Xander’s unresisting body to him. Xander wrapped his arms around Spike and returned the kiss with equal passion.
He could happily kiss Xander all night but he needed to tell him that he did love him, truly and passionately.
Reluctantly he pulled back from Xander whose mouth tried to follow him. God he looked even better now with kiss bruised lips, a look of loving lust on his face, Spike wanted to take him then and there.
“Xan, how could I not love you? Have I never told you? Bugger, I’m so sorry, I think it all the time, how lucky I am to be here with you, this life we’ve been living, without you it’d be nothing pet. You’re my all Xander, my love, my true and only love. So yes, I love you.”

Xander’s face lit up as Spike spoke to him and now he was smiling sappily from ear to ear.
“Kinda thought you might. I’m so happy Spike. I could stay here forever with you. Will you – don’t fuck me Spike. Love me?”
“Oh love, I’ll always make love to you, even when we’re old hands at this and I’m shaggin the arse of ya, I’ll still be loving ya. But I know what you want and it’s only right, when I take your virginity, when I make you mine, when I claim you I will be making love Xan. I want you to remember it and how good it’s gonna be forever.”

“Love you so much my beautiful Spike. Never gonna want anyone else. Just you.”
“Pleased about that love, cause if I as much as see you look at somebody sideways, I’ll bloody kill em, then I’ll tan yer hid till ya can’t sit fer a week.”
“Now then, I think I was going ta concentrate on you wasn’t I? Hmm, now where shall I start?”
“C’n you hold me for a while? I specially like it when you hold me and we just about touch all the way to our toes ….. while you kiss me. Yeah, definitely like that.”

Spike chuckled, there was nothing he’d like more than to be skin on skin with his baby, snoggin his face off before he ravished the rest of him. Those layers of wrapping were being torn off now, and he was just about down to the fabulous present that was waiting for him. He knew it was going to be worth the wait.

And so Spike’s seduction started.
Hot wet kisses, thrusting owning kisses, soft loving kisses, all equally passionate in their own way, had Xander writhing underneath him, their cocks rubbing together, their essences mingling making them slippy and wet.
Xander trembled with suppressed desire, his hands roamed Spike’s body, no longer shy and unsure, he touched wherever he could, grasping and kneading Spike’s buttocks, occasionally daring to dip between his cheeks, gently exploring, making Spike moan into his mouth.

Spike gradually eased away from Xander’s mouth, kissing licking and nipping down his throat to the hollow of his collar bone, licking along first one shoulder and then to the next; more tender kisses over his chest before first one nipple was sucked, nipped and made to pebble before being blown across, then left as the other was treated to the same loving attention. Xander ached, he could feel it in the pit of his stomach, in his balls and in his cock. He ached for Spike’s touch, and Spike wasn’t one to disappoint, almost as if he knew Spike reached down to their slippery cocks and took hold.
Xander moaned at the contact as Spike’s firm hand pressed them both together, his hand already slick he rubbed up and down the shafts.

“Xander, look down baby, watch, see how good they look, come with me Xan, together, feel my cock hard against yours baby, feel my hand milking us both, feel it deep inside you , come for me baby, only ever for me.” Spike’s rhythm increased, he could feel Xander tremble and gasp as he watched himself come, a second later he saw Spike come, he shuddered and cried out with the intensity of his release and the effect of seeing Spike come, his spunk mingling with Xander’s as it splashed between their bodies.

Spike released his hold and trailed a finger thru their mingled essence scooping it up to his mouth and sucking his finger, he moved to Xander’s mouth but Xander anticipated and plunged his tongue between Spike’s sticky lips to taste himself and Spike. He loved their taste, it was purely them.
He pulled back from Spike and bent quickly to lick his stomach of the cooling spend, coming back up once more to kiss his lover.
Spike groaned into his mouth, god he was so fucking sexy, if he had a beating heart Xander could so easily make it stop with the way he was making him feel.

“Love you, want you. All night Spike, make it last all night, don’t wanna stop feeling like this.”
“Me neither pet. You want all night love, you got it. Need to clean up, gonna get a cloth for us, you stay right there, don’t move a muscle.” Spike dived off the bed and got a cloth from the bathroom, coming back he wiped down first Xander and then himself before bending to lick Xander’s cock clean. It started to fill as he licked and by the time he had finished it was just about erect.
“Let me do that for you Spike, please baby?”
Spike’s knees were either side of Xander and he shuffled up his body until his cock was millimetres from Xander’s mouth, he leaned forward slightly so that Xander’s tongue could reach him.
He watched the hot tongue lave his cool cock, but Xander stopped after a few strokes.
“It’d be better if you just pushed it right in my mouth Spike.” God he was bloody wanton, what the fuck had gotten into him.
Is this how he was always gonna be, if it was he was gonna have a permanent hard on in his pants. His fantasies went into overdrive and he realised he was fucking Xander’s mouth.
Xander wasn’t complaining, in fact he was enjoying himself immensely, he was making up for lost time.
His hands held Spike’s buttocks, his fingers pressing between them wanting to do more but not wanting to hurt or overstep the mark.
Again from Spike’s reaction he felt that he understood.
“Like this love? Wanna make it even better for me?”
Xander nodded with a mouth full of cock. Spike pulled out of Xander’s mouth to a whine of protest.

“Gotta get summat pet” he told Xander as he leaned over and felt around under the bed. He pulled a container out and removed the lid, placing it within easy reach of Xander’s hand.
“Replicated some lube a few months back for us pet. What I want you ta do is simple. While you suck me I want ya ta put first one then two fingers into me. Ya wont hurt pet, it’ll be practice for you and it’d feel bloody lovely for me. That alright love?”
“You’ll tell me if I do something wrong?” Xander asked, his fears re-surfacing.
“You won’t do anything wrong, trust me baby, you’ll be fine!”

Spike took Xander’s hand and dipped his fingers in the lube, his cock had started to leak and he rubbed it over Xander’s lips, his tongue flicked over them tasting his lover.
Spike’s dick pressed against his lips; Xander opened his mouth to let Spike slide in and carry on from where they had left off.
Keeping fairly still Spike took Xander’s slicked fingers and pressed his index finger to his pucker, he had his eyes on Xander’s watching for a reaction and as he pushed Xander’s finger into himself he saw Xander’s eyes widen.
“So good love, not hurting, push in deeper, oh yeah baby, just like that. Now move round a bit, mm, nice love, slide in and out, not all the way tho. Ohh, so gentle baby, feels so good, you look so pretty with my cock in your mouth – you like it love, this OK for you?”
Spike didn’t want to be selfish, he was having the best time of his unlife and he wanted Xander to share in that, he didn’t want it all to be one sided.
Xander nodded and mm’d.
“You ready to put that other finger in me pet?”
Another nod and Xander pulled his finger nearly all the way out and then eased the next one in along side it, all the while watching Spike watch him. Spike’s eyes flecked with gold and he started panting.

“Xander soon your gonna feel how good this is, when I do it for you love, we’ll ride each other all night baby. Oh yeah Xan, so bloody hot love. More lube pet an another finger, kay?” Xander nodded, god he was ready to explode again just from having Spike fuck his mouth and talk to him, not even talking dirty.
Where was that lube?
He dipped his fingers in again then went back to Spike who held Xander’s hand as he lowered himself onto them.
“That’s it baby, oh god yes, keep moving them, just like that, just….ohhh, you found the right place love, oh yeah, just there, fuck baby that’s hot!” Xander had found Spike’s gland and now he was rubbing against it for all he was worth because doing that had made Spike show his true face, his golden eyes locked with Xander’s as Xander finger fucked him and Spike fucked Xander’s mouth.

“So beautiful baby want you so much, love you for always” Xander moaned at Spike’s declaration, his fingers moving faster up and down as Spike’s rhythm increased in his mouth Xander hollowed his cheeks and sucked for all he was worth as Spike came again cool seed spurting into Xander’s mouth to be quickly swallowed as best he could.
Spike convulsed, spasms rippling through his entire body as he came down from what had to have been the most brilliant orgasm of the night so far. He pulled his dick from Xander’s mouth -
“Did I hurt you love? Was I too rough?”
“No baby, I’m good, nearly gagged, but was OK really, I’ll get better.”
“Can’t better perfection love.”
“I know you enjoyed it but perfect I ain’t Spike!”
Xan, that – was – perfect! Trust me baby?”

“Close your eyes and don’t move then, not gonna hurt ya, might feel a bit cold, but you can’t open your eyes till I tell ya, kay?”
Xander lay with his eyes closed as Spike dolloped lube onto his hot pulsing dick, Xander gasped at the cold but kept his eyes shut like he’d been told. Spike gave himself a little extra lube, didn’t want Xan to get sore.
He shuffled back down Xander’s body, held Xander’s dick at the base and slowly lowered himself onto Xander.
“Oh god, Spike, oh fuck, ohhhhh jesus!!” he said as Spike sank down onto him, once seated he moved around causing Xander to moan and gasp.
“You have such a fine cock baby, it fits inside me perfectly, I am so gonna love the feel of it sliding in and out of me, such a lovely length and nice n fat so it stretches me, I’ll feel you every time love, no mistakin. Keep those eyes closed love and just feel me ride you. You ready baby?”
“Gonna come soon as you move, can’t last Spike.”
“Then I’ll just keep still a while baby. D’you like to feel me wrapped round ya love, you trapped inside me, cause I gotta say you feel bloody lovely inside me Xan. I could sit here all night just squeezing your cock tight waiting for ya t’fill me, make me warm from the inside out.”

”Spike! Stop with the talking! Start with the moving, sorry if it’s quick, but it’s your fault – all that talking!”
Spike laughed, quick, slow, he didn’t care, he had Xander inside him, he’d crossed the bridge, there was no going back, his baby could fill him anytime he wanted.
He leaned forward to kiss him.

“I love you Xander. I’m gonna wear you out pet, you won’t be able to walk come mornin.”
“Open your eyes baby, want you to see what you do to me.”
Xander opened his eyes to see Spike still in game face looming over him. He gently kissed his mouth and then sucked tenderly at his neck, not breaking the skin at all, he rose slowly taking Xander’s hands in his as he raised himself along the column of flesh inside him.
Xander watched mesmerised at the look on Spike’s face as he rode his cock, he started talking again telling Xander how he made him feel, how beautiful he was, how he wanted to feel his cock pulsing inside him.

That did it for Xander, he gripped Spike’s fingers tight and thrust into him wanting to be as deep inside him as he could get, Spike’s whimpers of pleasure finally had him screaming his release as his hot come filled Spike’s channel, his muscles clenching around him almost painfully, Xander lay back, spent.
“Gonna make you rest for a while now sweetheart, get yer strength back. That was bloody marvellous Xan, the way you took over at the end there pet! Want you t’take me like that every time, strong and sure, in control. Love you baby.”
“D’you think I’ll make it till morning Spike? Are you always this insatiable? I thought you were gonna bite me then. Why didn’t you?”

“Don’t wanna ruin the moment love. When I’m inside you and we’re both coming, that’s when I’ll bite you. That’ll be my claim, an’ if you feel the same way you claim me at the same time, in the same way.”
“Wow! You’d let me bite you? Really?”
“It’s not letting ya love, I want you to. Think of it as swappin’ rings when ya get married. I want your claim too, if you do.”
“I’m glad you told me now, so I know what to do, and what’s with the ‘if you do’? Why wouldn’t I? Thought it was me that was the insecure one in the relationship!”
“I have doubts sometimes, not often, and only where you’re concerned love. Want you to be happy, which’ll make me happy.”
“Love you Spike. Spike, I don’t think you have to stay there, I can tell there’s nothing left but a wizened stump inside you now” Xander giggled.
“Yeah, but I’ll make it into a mighty oak a bit later on love!!”
Spike lifted up off Xander clenching his buttocks together, keeping Xander’s release inside him, he lay next to his lover.

He still couldn’t get over the fact that Xander and he had just made love, his Xander had made love to him. Soon be time for him to make love to his baby, his one and only.
“My true love” he said running his fingers thru Xander’s hair, brushing it back from his face.
“You mean that?”
“Soppy as it may be love, I do mean it. Now, have a bit of a kip eh?”
“Hold me?”
“Goes without sayin love.”

Spike wrapped his arms around his lover and held him to him as Xander drifted into sleep.
Spike held him close, going over in his mind the events of the day.
It must’ve been his visit to Xan and Wil that had something to do with the change in him.
When they came out of Orientation he’d have to have a serious word with the both of them, plus he’d have to thank them for whatever they did or said.
He didn’t think he’d ever felt this content with a partner before, Xander was special, he was going to be his Consort, that must be the difference, he had chosen him, he’d never done that before either, yeah he’d chosen who to fuck and feed from, but never something like this.
He thought he’d loved Buffy, he shuddered, but that was infatuation, wanting something that was anathema to him, it was perverse even by his standards, then there was Xander, sweet, loving, good and pure, vibrant and alive, everything he wasn’t.

Aside from that, being here in this time had changed who Spike was, he could acknowledge that, he felt somehow better for it, a better person, for want of a more suitable term, and more worthy of his Consort.
He again wondered if he would change when they had to go back, he hoped not, he kinda liked who he was now, he could live with himself.

Time for reflection was over and he wanted Xander, he hadn’t stopped wanting but now it was becoming a much stronger urge. He needed to claim his mate fully.
He ran his hands along Xander’s side and back, caressing the dip at the bottom of his spine and the firm roundness of his buttock, fingers dipping between his cheeks to feel the heat waiting for him, Xander stirred and turned in his arms pressing his back to Spike’s chest and belly. Spike pushed his cock as far as he could between Xander’s cheeks wriggling to get comfy, he felt Xander start to wake.
“Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?”
“Funny love, always pleased to see you. Sleep Ok, rested enough?”
“Feelin’ peachy, mind you think I can feel a big fat dick between my butt cheeks, you know anything bout that?” he sniggered.
“Just getting ya used to it pet, soon be waking up every mornin with it nestled there, gonna be his new home!”
Xander laughed and wiggled his butt, feeling Spike move with him.
Spike’s hand moved around front to tease Xander’s dick, caressing the hot flesh, holding its weight in his hand, thumb moving softly across the head, gathering the liquid that had started to pulse out he smeared it all around the purpling dome. Xander quivered in his embrace, a croak of pleasure coming from his throat.
“Need ya t’get on yer knees pet, wanna do this right n not hurt ya. That OK?”
Xander turned to look over his shoulder at Spike and puckered his lips indicating in universal language that he wanted a kiss.
Spike smiled and complied.
Happy he’d gotten his own way Xander pulled away from those luscious lips and manouvered himself onto his knees, ass up in the air and head down on the bed resting on his forearms.
“Perfect baby. Now this is gonna be a bit cold, but you got to relax n trust me, not gonna hurt ya love.”

Spike dipped his fingers into the jar of lube and dribbled it down the crack of Xander’s arse, Xander squeaked and gave a little shiver, then another squeak as he felt Spike’s fingers massaging him, pressing firmly against his hole.
A finger slipped in stopping at the first knuckle, Spike twisted it around, happy when he felt Xander relax again he pressed deeper to his second knuckle, talking to Xander all the while, telling him what he was going to do to him, it just made Xander hotter, and the feeling in his ass, strange as it was, wasn’t uncomfortable.
He felt Spike’s hand against his ass and knew his finger was in as deep as it would go, Xander wanted Spike to move inside him, he was being too careful, Xander was already way past excited.

“Spike, please, move inside me? Make me feel you more”
That was all the encouragement Spike needed as he slowly pulled his finger back until it was nearly all the way out, then just as slowly pushed back in. It made Xander shiver all over.
“More, give me more!”
“Anything you want love, gonna put some more lube on then – you ready?”
“Mm hmm.”
Spike lubed his fingers again, and this time pressed two firmly inside Xander, he did the same as before allowing Xander to get used to the intrusion before pushing further into Xander’s heat, gently scissoring his fingers, loosening his channel so that it would be as pain free as possible.

He listened to Xander’s breathing, his occasional moans and sighs, Spike’s free hand alternated between caressing warm buttocks and hot cock and balls.
He could easily slide around and suck Xander off but he wanted him to last, wanted him to come with him and not before, but he was tempted, he loved the taste of him, the feel of his hot cock inside his mouth, the little happy noises he made.

Spike, want to see you, am – am I ready for you? Want you inside me baby, need you so bad – please?”
“Nearly love – c’n you turn over with me inside of ya? Just roll over love, yeah that’s it – hey, there y’are lovely.”
“Take me Spike please, can’t wait to feel you in me, need you.”
“Gotta raise you up a bit love, here put a pillow under you, getting there Xan, that’s good baby, get comfy.”
It was taking every once of Spike’s willpower not to do what Xander asked, he needed to loosen up just a bit more, he didn’t want to tear him, didn’t want to make him bleed.
He knew it was the vampire way but somehow that didn’t matter to him anymore, he wanted Xander to be taken higher than he’d ever been, no drugs, just him, he wanted him to be euphoric. His first time needed to be special.

“Won’t be long baby, don’t wanna hurt you, you’re being so patient love, best’s yet to come Xan, promise baby.”
Spike withdrew his fingers to Xander’s mewl of protest and came back with three extra lubey ones.
Xander pushed down onto them, eager to feel them filling him, he squeezed around them then relaxed, Spike thrust in further to the sound of Xander’s enthusiastic encouragement. Now he was just about ready, Spike rubbed against Xander’s prostate, Xander held still, it was just such an unexpected sensation, god damned fantastic but still unexpected, he groaned long and low.
“Ohhh, again, do it again, that was –it was – just…..”
His moan of pleasure said it all as Spike did it again, and again, and again, then stopped. Fingers came out and he lubed up his cock, lined it up against Xander.
“Ready for me baby?”
“Please, yes!”
“Put your legs as wide as ya can love, once I’m in ya can wrap em round me n hold on tight.”
Xander nodded and parted his legs more giving Spike entry to his body.

As Spike penetrated his lover for the fist time he gazed down at him enraptured.
“Love you so much Xan, always will, always gonna want you, till the day I die love.”

Xander pushed onto Spike, his body taking over automatically, he was so aroused that he was running on pure instinct, Spike slid home grazing Xander’s prostate expertly, god it was lovely, just as hot as he knew it would be, Xander was still tight, and so responsive, he knew this wouldn’t last long for either of them.
His thrusts were measured, firm, but he was gentle, he made sure Xander enjoyed it, there’d be time for him to play later; he felt Xander wrap his legs around him trying to pull him further in, such a responsive lover! Spike thrust faster, his hand wrapping around Xander’s cock, pumping it in time with his thrusts, he could feel himself building, he was so near.

“Come with me Xander, come with me love” Spike gasped.
Balls tightened, thrusts became frenzied, Spikes true face came to the fore, he howled his pleasure and dived for Xander’s neck.
“I claim you for my own for now and all time” he gasped to Xander and bit down onto his neck just above his collar bone, Xander screamed and came hard, almost losing consciousness, almost but not quite.
Whilst Spike's fangs were still sunk into his flesh, drinking down his hot pulsing blood he turned his head fractionally and bit down onto Spike breaking his skin as blood trickled into his mouth he sucked and swallowed, he felt Spike shudder and thrust into him again, filling him even more.

Enlightenment Part 1

Title: Enlightenment
Pairing: The only one that matters S/X
Warnings: m/m sex
Disclaimer: None of it belongs to me, I make no money
Rating: NC17 eventually
Summary: Our heroes are flung far into the future
This is not beta'd

Spike and Xander opened their eyes to sunlight.

Spike shrieked, trying to dive under Xander who was confused and disorientated, stomach churning, trying to get his bearings. It didn’t help that Spike was desperate to hide from the sunlight – shit, he could incinerate, Xander thought as he flung his jacket over the bleached menace.

“Please, have no fear, nothing here will harm you” said a vaguely familiar voice.
“The light will not harm demon kind. Please, be calm.” Spike was still in shock and peeked from under the protection of Xander’s jacket at the person who was speaking to them.
“Where are we?” asked Xander of the young person watching them cautiously.
“You are in the nursery. Who are you and how have you come here?”
Xander looked around to see if there were any babies in evidence and couldn’t see any. There were however other people like the familiar looking kid, who were now homing in on them. They were all dressed alike and he assumed they were all girls. Odd really cause they all seemed facially quite familiar. The person who had been speaking again addressed both Spike and Xander.
“I am Xan. I am designated speaker for the unit in this time period.” The ‘girl?’ smiled at them and indicated all the other people in the group who also smiled in welcome.
“Cool, my name’s Xander – sometimes Xan, so hey, same name, how bout that! This is Spike. We come in peace.” said Xander sagely, and true to form gave the Vulcan ‘live long and prosper’ salute, which astonishingly the rest of the people in the room returned.

“Oh. My. God. I have arrived at planet geek!” Spike said to no one in particular. Xan looked quizzically at him and again spoke.
“I do not understand your designations, they are unfamiliar, but I will introduce the unit.” He turned and proudly introduced the group of people starting with the nearest.
“This is Wil, Lia, Tar, Wes, Buf, Gun, Cor, Wil, Daw, and I am Xan. Our unit are designated Helpers. We are blessed as we are whole and have three who are named after our venerable ancestors.”
He smiled at Spike and Xander, neither returned the smile but had a look of utter astonishment on their faces. All the people they had left behind god knows where or when were here. But they were all girls and didn’t speak.

It was way beyond weird.

“So how come you’re all chicks?” asked Xander. Xan obviously didn’t know what Xander was talking about from the look of confusion on his face.
“I do not understand this ‘chicks’. We are childer. We are immature.”
Now it was Spike and Xander’s turn to look confused.
“You’re all childer? But I can hear your heartbeats, even Ang – er Lia’s” he trailed off into silence.
“We have not yet chosen our permanent form, be it demon or human, male or female. We will not choose until we are beyond 884 time periods. We are now 832 time periods approximately.” He told them with a look of pride on his face.
Both Spike and Xander were now totally confused.

“I have been requested by my Wil to ask a question of you, may I?” Spike and Xander turned to the girl who looked like Willow.
“And what might that be little lady?” asked Spike. Wil blushed, putting her head on Tar’s shoulder as the rest of the childer either smiled or laughed.

Xan smiled too and said “No, this is my Wil” and he proudly held out his hand to a blond female Spike. “We are bonded, as are we all within the unit. Tar and Wil, Buf and Lia, Cor and Wes, Gun and Daw, all bonded. As a unit we have chosen who we bond with, we now wait until after time period 884 and then we choose our permanent forms. We can be male, female, human or demon. I know you Xan-der are human and you Spike are demon. But what is your gender?”

Spike turned to look at Xander, eyebrow quirking, small smile playing about his mouth.
“WTF! Harris? I think we should find out a bit more about where and WHEN we are mate don’t you?” Xander nodded vigorously.
“Fine by me bleach, already weirded out by me with boobs, and havin you as bond mate, jeeze! Mind you, not bad as a chick Spike my ancient pal!” Xander chuckled.
“Oi less of the cheek, wanker!” Spike groused, deciding to be the speaker for them both, you never knew what garbage would spill out of Harris’ mouth! He wasn’t a bad kid, but he was still more speak first think later whilst extracting foot!

“We would rather keep our gender to ourselves for a while if you don’t mind luv. We would like to learn more about you tho and where we are. That OK luv?”
“My designation is Xan, who is ‘Luv’? What are ‘boobs’ and ‘chick’ and ‘wanker’? These words are unfamiliar. Please explain.”
Spike sighed, this was going to be tougher than he thought.
“Before I do that, can you tell me what year this is, or, er time period?”
“In the old calendar it would be 2532. The time period from the beginning of The Enlightenment is now 10405. I think you would understand the first time frame more easily.”

“So, tell me Xan what exactly is ‘The Enlightenment’?”

“It started with the end of all things. For a time there was nothing but chaos. The populace declined, disease was rife, human and demon fought each other, then came plague. It did not discriminate, demon, human, male, female, no one was safe. Those that survived took to living away from society in small groups, mostly under the earth where it was safer. Eventually there was only animal life above ground for many time periods. The earth healed itself and those that were immune to the plague came out of the dark. They were changed, they were in tune with the earth. We still follow their guidance. We are happy and content with our lives. We can choose our bonded mates, even our gender and if we wish to be human or demon. The only thing we do not choose is our purpose. That is chosen for us when we are 520 time units. We have until we reach 936 time periods to accustom ourselves to our purpose, but this unit is already accustomed. We are ready to serve. We are helpers.” The others in the unit smiled and nodded in agreement with Xan.
“Wow. 2532, wow.” Said Xander in an awed voice. “Never thought I’d get to time travel, this is so cool. It’s life Jim, but not as we know it!”

“You are such a tosser at times Harris, I really don’t know why I put up with you.” Spike said, fondly rather than unkindly.
Wil and the rest of the group had been still whilst Xan gave Spike and Xander a recent history lesson, but now Wil tugged at Xan’s hand.
“I’m sorry my precious heart. I will ask. Please, Wil has reminded me of the question. May I ask?”
“Go ahead Xan, but Wil never said anything; how do you know what the question is?”
“We speak in each others mind. You do not?”
“No we bloody don’t!”
“How do you communicate with your bond mate and your unit then?” Spike took a breath, this was getting way out of his depth.
“First off, I don’t have a bond mate, second, we’re talking, and third, I talk to my ‘unit’ too.” Xander sniggered thinking of Spike being part of their ‘unit’.
“But you and Xan-der – surely you are bonded. Your aura’s tell us this, they cannot lie.”
“No way Xan, no way, and if our aura’s say otherwise they are lying thru their aura-ish teeth!” Xander told him. All Spike could do was laugh at Xander’s outrage. Xan nodded in understanding.
“Xan-der. It is said that before The Enlightenment human kind did not understand and often went against their true nature. You will find each other, have no fear.” Xan told him kindly.
“No way, absolutely no way do I have feelings or urges for Spike, unh huh!” he stated vehemently. He didn’t, nope, not him, manly man Xander Harris did not think of Spike in ‘that’ way, nu-huh! He wasn’t going there. He suppressed any and all niggling creeping doubts.
“Let’s face it Harris I am one hot dead vamp and you’d love to get those mitts on my tackle!” he smirked.
“My Wil’s question! Where are your mammary’s? Also, what is the tackle you refer to?”
“Memories are in my head of course!” Xander said. The unit erupted into laughter at his faux pas.
“You misunderstand! Mammory’s – may I approach you?” Xander nodded. Xan held out his hand and touched Xander’s chest, he looked at Spike who nodded, and he placed a hand on Spikes’ chest too.
“You are flat, you have no mammory’s, all childer have them, we have not seen anyone without them, it is most odd. May we - may we look?” Xander found it all very strange but Spike was beginning to have an inkling as to what was going on, he was surprised Xander hadn’t cottoned on yet. Spike divested himself of his T shirt and there was an audible gasp from the unit. Spike preened, he knew he was a hottie.
Xander took off his shirt too and held his shoulders back and sucked his gut in, again a gasp. Oh yeah, the Xan man could make the ladies gasp too!
“May we touch your naked forms?” Xan was all a quiver, this was the most excited Spike had seen the group since their arrival.
“Yeah, sure, why not – you up for it Harris. Remember Harris they’re just kid’s, think of Star Trek, different alien cultures, you’ll get it soon enough!”
“Shuddup Spike, I’m not an idiot y’know. This is really priceless. We’re like temporal explorers, way cool!”

Spike shook his head. Xander was as much a child as the ones before him. And Xan thought they were bonded, well that was something to think about. He was easy on the eye if not the ears! He could do worse. Who could argue with aura’s after all?

The group came forward as one but waited their turn to touch Xander and Spike’s chests. They touched each of them individually and they also seemed to really enjoy touching them both at the same time.
“I have another request from Buf. Why is there a lump between your legs?” Xander all but choked when he heard that one. Spike understood.
“It is our sex. We don’t choose, we are born either male or female.” Xander looked at Spike.
“You mean to say bleach that they don’t know we’re – .“ Spike quickly clamped his hand over Xander’s blabbermouth.
“No idiot child, they don’t and we should keep it that way. You been listening to what Xan said? They have to choose. I don’t think we should influence that decision. Do you?” Xander thought about it. They all had boobs, but no cocks, did they all have female bits down there then? He’d really love to know. Could he ask?

Spike saw the light dawn on Xander’s face.

“No Harris you bloody well are not getting to ask or to look!”
“How d’you know what I was thinking Spike? No fair buddy!”
“I know how the mind of a teenager works, idiot!”

Xan watched them and became more and more sure they were bonded, even if they didn’t yet know it. They knew each others ways, even without telepathy they knew each others thoughts. He liked them both. They were helpers too, he could feel it.
“Spike? Why do you call Xan-der ‘Harris’?”
“Where we come from all people have a name like Xander or Xan and then they have a family name, Xander’s family name is Harris. My family name is Aurelius.” At that little snippet of information a buzz seemed to go through the unit. Xan and Wil became very excited.
“We know of Aurelius. It is demon. It is part of history. You are part of history Spike. You came before The Enlightenment. This is truly an honour.”

So, thought Spike, my line lasted to the end of civilisation as we know it, wonder if it was me or me ponce of a Sire or even our childer? The unit as a whole turned to Spike and bowed their heads in reverence. Spike was overawed.
“Thank you. You do me a great honour.” Spike was humbled by their respect. Xander was impressed by Spike. He’d never seen him like this before, gracious and grateful, well maybe not grateful, more respectful of others.

They had barely been in this time and place for a few scant hours yet Spike felt at home with these childer. He could feel their innate kindness and purity. It gave him a feeling he couldn’t explain.

“May I share memories with you Spike?” asked Xan.

Spike didn’t think that would be a good idea at all and said as much to Xan, he also said he didn’t think Xander should share memories either, they didn’t want to influence the decisions that the childer had to make in the future. Xan said that he understood, he would have liked to share memories but he respected Spike and Xan-der’s decision. Spike looked over at Xander who was wide eyed and open mouthed, gazing around in awe. It brought a little smile to Spikes face to see him, probably his dream come true he thought.

Xan had noticed Xander staring around the place too.

“Xan-der, would you and Spike like to see the facility? Wil and I would be honoured to show you.” Xander looked over at Spike with his big brown ‘deny me nothing’ eyes.
Spike sighed; he knew when he was a beaten vamp!

“Thanks Spikey my old mate!” Xan picked up on the word mate.
“You said you were not bonded but Xan-der called you mate – please explain.”
“Mate means friend, and we are – I suppose – friends. We might not act like it most of the time but we are – companions which are mates too.” Xan and Xander looked at Spike and both pondered on what he had said. Xander thought, yeah, they were friends, they got on, Spike was cool when he wasn’t being a pain, so yeah he agreed with the sentiment.

Xan thought too, and smiled a small smile.

Xan and Wil must have communicated telepathically with the others of the unit because they all wandered off whilst Xan and Wil led them deeper into the building they had ‘landed’ in. Xander was like a sponge soaking it all up, he was so excited Spike could practically see him vibrating. He was listening to Xan as they wandered into what looked like an atrium with seats all around, and what appeared to be older childer sitting there.
“There are our teachers” Xan told them “They have chosen to lead the life of educators and are therefore like us in appearance but more aged. Our teachers are J and G, please, come and meet them.” Xan took Xander and Spike over to a couple who were to all intents and purposes Joyce Summers and Rupert Giles. Xander’s jaw dropped a little further.
“Wow, that is sooo scary man!” Xan made the introductions and they all exchanged the universal greeting a la Mr Spock. Xander couldn’t get over Giles with breasts and kept sniggering until Spike led him away.

“Hey, what’s up Spike?”
“Harris, I know you’re still a teenager but really, can’t you stop sniggering? Do you understand what’s going on here at all?” he asked in an exasperated tone.
“Yeah, actually, I do. I’m not a complete idiot and it might come as a surprise to you but I think this place is really cool and I get what they’re doing. I know Spike, really, I understand that these kids get to choose what they want to be sexually, I know they have designated tasks and I know they will all be friends for life, and I know they have already paired off, even tho they may not be kissing and cuddling yet, I get it OK?”

“I apologise, I could not help but overhear, please, what is kissing and cuddling?”
“Now you’ve bloody well gone and done it Harris! Of for the love of ….” Spike heaved a big sigh.

“Xan, you and Wil show each other affection don’t you?” Xan and Wil nodded.
“How do you do that?” Xan was a little confused.
“In the normal way – we hold hands, we smile, we share thoughts.”
“Is that all you do?” asked an incredulous Xander. Xan and Wil nodded. Spike sighed again.
“It’s like teachin the bloody blind to see!” he said under his breath.
“Harris, Xan and Wil are like children, y’know kids who are really, really innocent, kinda like Red would’ve been when she was about 6!” The light dawned on Xander.
“Oh. My. God!”
“Yeah, precisely!”

“So then Xan, cuddling is like putting your arm round a person and holding them in an embrace – here let me show you.” He got a hold of Xander, gave him a stern look so that Xander understood the importance of what he was about to do and put his arm around him in a gentle embrace. Xander reciprocated – in the spirit of furthering Xan’s education of course!
“This then is cuddling, generally it’s making your partner feel loved and wanted and safe”. Xander nodded his head in agreement with what Spike said and realised that was actually how he felt, safe – he felt safe, yeah that was definitely the feeling!

“Kissing tho is a whole other ball game and one I don’t think you’re ready for until after you’ve chosen your gender, but if you really want to know…” Spike trailed off. Xan looked like a hopeful puppy, so really who was Spike to refuse such a plea? Xander was still cuddling Spike and rather enjoying the experience so hadn’t actually been listening to what was going on.
“That OK Xander?” Spike asked him casually.
Not knowing what had gone on Xander just smiled and nodded his assent trying to cover up for the fact that he’d not been paying the slightest bit of attention, it usually worked.
Spike smiled, leaned towards him and before Xander knew what was happening he was on the receiving end of Spike’s cool soft lips. He couldn’t even begin to stop the little sound of pleasure that escaped from him as his eyes closed and he automatically pressed his body into Spike’s.

Spike withdrew slowly, a look of astonishment on his face. He watched as Xander slowly came back to himself, he knew he’d enjoyed it, shit even without tongue it had been …. Bloody lovely!!

Xan took it all in from the look of wonder on Spike’s face to the soft smile on Xander’s and the fact that they had not yet stopped touching each other. Yes, they were truly a bonded pair.

Xander blushed and dropped his arm from around Spike, waiting for the jibes he was now more that used to, surprised when he didn’t get any, he looked at Spike who was watching him in what Xander thought of as a predatory manner.
He felt a little like Jerry when Tom had a hold of him. It sent a shiver down his spine.
Watching Xander all the while Spike told Xan “So Xan, that was kissing, and may I say it is a very, pleasant, experience. You and Wil might like to try it when you get a little older, it’s always going to be better when you have you full range of emotions and hormones, believe me. Nothing compares. What d’you say Xander?”
Unable to tear his eye’s from Spike’s and engage his brain, words came out of his mouth of their own volition.
“It was perfect.”
Spike smiled a genuinely unguarded smile which lit his whole face.

Xander was hooked.

Spike’s smile was the last thing he saw before his vision blurred and he got that awful sick feeing in the pit of his stomach. He jerked back to consciousness with the feeling he was about to heave.
“Spike!” he gasped, frantically looking around only to find he was in the living room at Chez Summers.
“Hey Xander, where d’you go? Are you OK?” asked Willow in concerned mode.

The heaving feeling in Xander’s stomach had given way to a somewhat different sensation which was growing gradually stronger as he sat there.
“Xander, speak to me honey, are you in any pain, you know who you are – who am I Xan?”
“Willow. How long – where’s Spike?”
“You had me worried for a minute there Mister! You’ve been gone about 5 minutes and well, couldn’t get Spike as well as you. If you were both OK I can work on getting him back in the morning.”
Xander looked sharply up at Willow.
“No. I have to go back Wil, please, I – I just don’t feel ‘right’. Spike needs me, can you do it? Please?”
Puppy dog eyes when they look at you desperately can melt a polar icecap. Willow, well – only human, not the Ice Queen!
“He can look after himself Xan, what help could you be?” Buffy didn’t mean to sound hurtful, but she did. Xander chose not to reply. He was feeling very unlike himself, in fact the only way to describe how he felt was to equate it to the way he felt after Jesse died. He felt lost and alone. He wanted to go back to Spike.
“Please Wil, I have to go back.”
”OK sweetie, if you really need to I can send you back to Spike. But I won’t be able to get either of you back until this time tomorrow. It just takes too much out of me Xander. Can you manage with Spike for a whole 24 hours?”

Xander smiled to himself. It seemed that they’d been gone 5 minutes tops, but they must have been in the future for at least 5 hours, so if they had 24 hours then that was…… god, it must be years back in the future!

Spike felt the wrench of Xander being yanked from the time they were in like a punch to the gut.
“Xander” he gasped.
Xan was as surprised as Spike with the sudden disappearance of Xander and saw at once it had affected Spike deeply. His aura was dull and lifeless, it looked sick, to all intents and purposes. Xan knew this was surely a test that would enable him to become a good Helper. He genuinely cared about Spike’s feelings but also, it was a learning curve for him.
“Spike, I am sure Xan-der will return. Xan-der is your mate and would not willingly leave you alone. Xan-der too will suffer the effects of being taken from you.”
“Who said I was suffering?” Spike asked snarkily.
“You do not need to speak for me to know you suffer. Your appearance tells me and your aura is – I think ‘unwell’” Xan told him kindly.
Spike knew it wasn’t Xan’s fault that Xander had been pulled back. He felt hurt that he hadn’t been pulled back with him. It was obvious to him that he didn’t matter to the Scoobie gang. Just as he and Xander might have been getting along in an altogether different way he was taken away from him. Now neither of them could say where things might have led. Spike took a deep breath. Trust him to get shat on.

“Sorry Xan, know it’s not your fault and I’m sure Xander didn’t want to be beamed out of here either, poor kid was like a dog with two tails bein here!”
“Have you dogs with more than one tail where you live Spike?” Xan asked incredulously. Spike laughed at Xan’s literal take on what he said.
“No luv, just yer regular dogs. I meant Xander was very excited to be here. Bet if Xander could, he’d stay here for ever.” Spike said wistfully.

“Come Spike let me entertain you for a time until Xan-der returns to us as I am certain your mate will. I could not bear to be a vast distance from my Wil, I cannot imagine the hurt I would feel” he said holding out his hand as Wil slipped his into it squeezing comfortingly.
“Can I tell you of Aurelius and the last of the line, would that entertain you Spike?”
“Well pet, I’d not exactly say entertain but I am interested. Come on then let’s us find a nice little spot to sit and you can tell me the tale.”

Xan and Wil led Spike over to the seating area in the arboretum, Xan keyed something into a pad on the table in front of him and in good Star Trek fashion three beakers appeared. Two with some beverage for Xan and Wil and one with blood for Spike. He was impressed and thought it was such a shame Xander wasn’t with him to see it too. Spike raised his glass in a salute to the childer and drank the blood which had a very unique flavour. Nice drop thought Spike to himself.

“In the days before The Enlightenment there lived a great demon who had been leashed as were many demons in this time. Our demon was the last of the line of Aurelius and was named William the Bloody. He had a Consort who I am honoured to be named after, as my Wil and Tar’s Wil are both named after William the Bloody. It is a great honour for us to carry these names.
Now, as I said William had been leashed but had been set free – no one knows how this happened to this day, but he understood how vile and unjust the leash was for his fellow demons. He and his Consort strove valiantly to find a way to free others of his kind from this leash. It was not until after The Enlightenment that this was possible and William was hailed as a true hero as now all demon kind that had been leashed could again live as they should, without fear. William and his Consort were known throughout our world as the most honoured and venerable of citizens and were held in the highest esteem. They lived long and contented lives until a heinous and vile crime was committed against their persons.

Consort Xan was taken and slain by the hand of a jealous demon whose name has been wiped from history, such was the horror of this act. William the Bloody was in an agony of grief and rage. He sought out the demon and ripped him limb from limb scattering his foul carcass to the dogs. William the Bloody was inconsolable. He would not be parted from his Consort’s desecrated body for days, holding it to his unbeating chest hoping against hope that Consort Xan would stir once again to life.

Alas, this was not to be and William was eventually persuaded to relinquish Xan’s body. He did not wish for burial as in the old ways or for vaporisation as we practice now, but for Consort Xan’s body to be burned by himself with no other present. As the ashes cooled and the sun started to dawn on the new day, William the Bloody lay for one last time with his beloved Consort and as the rays of the morning sun set him to flame his ashes mingled with those of his true love so they could be together once again as dust motes blown in the wind.”

Xan sighed.

“This account has been passed from generation to generation so that the joy of the bond with one’s true mate can never be forgotten or slighted, and so that all will know that demon and human kind can liver together in joy and harmony.
There are no records of the forms of William the Bloody and Consort Xan, but it is said that they were both fair to look upon and when their gaze locked all could not fail to see the blissful happiness they shared.”

Wil again squeezed Xan’s hand as he looked at Spike and wondered at the emotion on his face. Tears streamed from his eyes and Wil was overawed at how powerful Xan’s storytelling must be to evoke such a reaction.

Spike was overwhelmed by the tale of his death, and surely his consort could only have been Xander, there was no other Xan unless it was a future Xan he still had to find. No, he decided it must be his own Xander Harris. But to live so long, be loved and thought of so highly and to have a consort for hundreds of years? He was swept away. But how was it that he was only known as William the Bloody and not as Spike, and Xander was only know as Xan. Their other names must have been lost through time and only the ones used towards the end were the ones remembered Spike assumed.

“Thank you Xan. Thanks, that was very …… entertaining. You were right it did take my mind off Xander.”

Xan didn’t know if he was going a step too far in asking Spike the question he was itching to ask, but he decided to go for it.

“Spike? May I be bold?”
Spike smiled at Xan’s hesitance.
“Depends pet, on how bold y’want to be!”
“I need to ask – are you leashed?”
“Yeah pet, fraid I am. Can’t act natural, like those other’s that William the Bloody helped. That’s me lot in life tho”
Xan beamed. He knew this had been a test of his worth.
“As a designated Helper I am duty bound to offer to free you from this unnatural restraint. Please Spike, let me do this small thing for you.”

Once again Spike was overwhelmed. He could only nod dumbly. Xan and Wil exchanged glances and took each of Spike’s hands in their own. Spike didn’t really believe that this was happening to him.
“We will take you to the Medical Facility Spike, they can perform the procedure to free you. We will stay with you until this ordeal is over and help you come to terms with your new status. Is this acceptable?”

Again with the nodding and a big slow blink.

Xan and Wil led the way out of the arboretum and the building into the sunlight. Spike came back to his senses as he felt the sun and a breeze on his face and jerked out of Xan and Wil’s hands jumping back to the safety of the building.
“I am sorry Spike. Truly I did not think. You will come to no harm. The sun will not damage you, we have a ward over the entire complex so that demon kind can roam freely without restraint as human kind can. Please, trust me Spike. I do not lie.”
“Sorry pet, natural reaction. I must admit that I miss the sun and like to feel its warmth, but don’t wanna burst into flames. I do trust you Xan, I don’t think you people have a bad bone in your bodies, unlike yours truly!” he chuckled.

Spike held out a hand to each of them and they took hold willingly, smiling warmly at his trust in them, they drew him gently into the sunshine and as Spike truly realised it wouldn’t harm him he threw his head back and howled in elation. Wil and Xan beamed with happiness as they drew him further into the open air and towards the childer’s medical unit.

Once inside Spike was met by more asexual adults, Xan communicated with them, and Spike and his ‘helpers’ took him into a comfortable room with what looked rather like an ancient 50’s style hairdryer. Spike was led to sit under it and one of the adults came in through the door and started to explain how they would proceed with Spike.
“Honoured visitor, this procedure is harmless and you will feel no pain. You may experience slight dizziness and possible nausea but no pain. This is a privilege for my unit. It is rare now to be able to help a fellow citizen and remove this abomination. Be assured we hold your safety as a priority at all times.” The medic smiled at Spike to reassure him and Spike actually now felt like he was in sci-fi land on another planet.

“Ready when you are then pal.” Spike said girding his loins and preparing for the worst. The medic lowered the device over Spike’s head turned to his control panel, flicked his fingers across the screen, there was a small hum and as predicted Spike felt sick and dizzy. The medic smiled at Spike.
“Thank you for your cooperation, the procedure has been completed, you are at liberty to leave.” Spike was flabbergasted.
“Is that it? It’s gone? Just like that? After all the time it’s been there, all the pain it’s bleedin put me thru and two seconds under a hairdryer and it’s completely gone?”
The medic nodded. Spike couldn’t feel any difference. He needed to feel different, to be in control, plus there was no way he was gonna rampage thru these innocents no matter how evil he was. His evil doing days were over. He was on the white hats team. He had purpose.

1. Get his consort
2. Live for 500 years and discover this cure.

He was certain now that this was one of those self fulfilling prophetic moments.
If only bloody Xander was here and he could share it with him.

Xan advised him he needed to rest and they would take him back to their unit and prepare guest quarters for him. Spike was led willingly away to have a nap and recuperate. Xan and Wil were both ecstatic with how well everything had gone with Spike. His aura had perked up slightly even tho it wasn’t quite what it was when Xander was with him, but as far as helping went, they had performed above and beyond!

Spike was napping, half conscious of what was going on around him when all of a sudden his not right-ness vanished. He sat bolt upright and hissed “Xander!”

He flung the covering from him and sped from the room almost knocking Wil flying.
“Spike, Xan cannot be here and has asked me to bring you to your mate” Wil spoke shyly and held out his hand to Spike who was looking perturbed to hear Wil speak, specially as he was expecting his own accent or that of an upper crust Brit, but he got an American twang which coming from ‘him’ sounded plain wrong.

“Ta pet, don’t be shy. C’mon take me to Xander!” he told Wil as he grasped his hand firmly and they headed off to be with their respective mates.

Xander had appeared again where the pair had originally materialised. Xander was happily chatting to Xan when Spike came into view and as soon as he saw him the chat stopped mid sentence which, for a babble machine like Xander was unheard of.
“Ello love, didn’t think I’d be seein you again!” Spike smilingly told him, a huge feeling of relief flooding through his entire being.
Xander blushed and looked down; after what seemed an age he looked up at Spike thru his lashes. Spike thought his heart was going to start beating again at that look from Xander.
“Couldn’t stay away” he said quietly, almost shyly “Mates remember?”
“So then love, it that any way to greet your mate, your mate who thought he might’ve just gone thru the quickest quickie divorce?” Xander shook his head, feeling shy and nervous in front of Spike.
“C’mere then pet an let me see how pleased you are to be back.” Spike wanted to know with certainty that Xander felt something – anything for him. If he was going to be his Consort he needed to be absolutely sure of Xander.

Xander was hesitant but determined.

“I’m not sure what you expect Spike. It’s not every day you find you’re mated with a vampire, a same gender vampire at that. I’m just - nervous.”
“I need you to take the first step love.” Spike gently told him.
Xander took a deep breath and made the few steps to Spike, tentatively reaching for him and pulling him into a gentle embrace.

“I wasn’t gone long but it felt awful Spike. Felt like somebody had died n I just wanted to be back here, with you, with them, but mostly with you. I really missed you, but now I’m back and we’ve got space, we can get reacquainted and, and move …..our …. relationship on. Is that better?”

Xander hadn’t realised but while he was talking he’d started to rub his hand tenderly up and down Spike’s back.
Softly, softly thought Spike. He knew what he wanted and he wasn’t going to make any mistakes in how he got it, he didn’t want to freak Xander out by being all possessive like he usually was.
“Missed you too pet” he whispered turning his face so that his lips pressed gently against Xander’s cheek. Xander moved his head so that his mouth brushed across Spike’s. The butterfly’s in his stomach were doing somersaults, his lips were tingling and he felt good, happy, home.

“That Ok for a first move?” Xander asked against soft cool lips.
“Mmm Hmm, can we go on to the second?” Spike mumbled as his lips pressed back against Xander’s, and for his answer Xander responded in kind.

Audience forgotten Spike and Xander were lost in their tender exploration. Xan had never seen anything like this before, he and Wil were slack jawed at the surge of golden light coming from the joined aura of the kissing pair, it was a moving, magical sight. Xan came out of his stupor and made a small throat clearing noise, which had the desired effect. Xander blushed a pinker shade and Spike grinned like a loon, which, if you knew him was scary sight, and if you didn’t it was way past scary!

“Sorry Xan, traditional greeting when yer mate comes back for ya!”
”I am sure there are many things that you could teach us of your culture Spike. Would you and Xan-der be willing to stay with us and enrich our knowledge?”

Xander and Spike exchanged glances knowing already what the answer was.
“Willow’s given us 24 hours Spike”
“Not much time then love is there.”
Spike, I hate to tell you this but if I’m right then 24 hours here is about 4 years.” Xander couldn’t contain his excitement any longer and flung his arms round Spike.
“Spike, this is going to be awesome, truly awesome, you an me, new lives and new civilisations, boldly going where no one has gone before, I am in future heaven!!”
“So, that’s better than coming back for me?” Spike was hurt by Xander’s excitement.
“Spike, you can’t compare the two things. Being in this time is a dream come true, something to savour. Hopefully, if, well, if it things go Ok with us, we’ll get a lot longer than 4 years to do some savouring.” He told Spike in a shy yet excited tone.

Xander was right. It was a fantastic opportunity for a kid like him, and if they got on as Spike knew they would (having insider knowledge was priceless sometimes) they’d have a bloody lot longer than 4 years, more than 400 in fact. Practically an eternity!

The lights suddenly started to dim overhead and Xan moved towards them both.
“Let us take you back to the regeneration units so that we may all rest. Once you have settled and cleansed your persons then I will call and show you the nourishment facility. Is this acceptable?”
Spike noticed Xander’s curiosity had been piqued when the word regeneration was uttered.
“Hate to break it to ya love, but it’s a bedroom, with a bed big enough for two. That cause you any problems?”
“No Spike, I’ve slept in the same room as you, sometimes even the same bed.”
Xander paused in thought, looking down at his feet he quietly asked
“You won’t rush me will you? This is new and uncharted territory for a time traveller like me.”
Typical, covering the seriousness of his question with his usual humour! Spike could and would wait for Xander. He wanted to be honest with him, he wanted a relationship based on trust. He wanted Xander to trust him implicitly.
“Xan, I won’t rush you, I’ll never hurt you, I want you to want me. I want us to be friends as well as - well, we’ll have to wait a while for the rest, but - no love, no pressure, no rush.”
Xander was satisfied with Spike’s answer. He knew what Spike was like, if it moved he could shag it, but Xander didn’t want to be a shag, he was a romantic at heart and he wanted the works, he wanted hearts and flowers, love and commitment. Spike knew this, and deep down underneath the layers of nonchalance and big bad he wanted exactly the same thing.

They followed Xan and Wil to their sleeping quarters where they were left. Xan told them he would be back after they had refreshed themselves to show them where they could get nutrition. Xander was hoping for a food replicator just like on the Enterprise plus a sonic shower, and was bitterly disappointed to find he still had to wash in water and use soap. Spike laughed at him, not unkindly, and shook his head in despair at Xander’s expectations.
They waited for Xan who came and collected them and took them to eat. Xander was impressed as they really did have a replicator and he could dial up just about anything he wanted – within reason, no meat, cause these guys were all veggies, so a double cheese burger was out, and no double pepperoni pizza either which really limited Xander’s choice. He settled for mozzarella sticks and triple cheese pizza – way to go Xan, on the right track to a heart attack. Spike had a double shot of blood. Once they’d finished Xan told them both he would collect them the next day and would introduce them to all aspects of the nursery. Spike assured Xan that they wouldn’t get lost on the way back to their quarters.

Once back in their room Xander became shy and Spike became wary. It was different now, just the two of them; their relationship had suddenly altered, making them both unsure.

Xander heaved a sigh and Spike looked over to him.
“What’s up Xan?”
“What I really don’t get is why Spike, why do I suddenly feel like this? I never felt this way before, it’s as if without you I’m not me, if you see what I mean. It’s just weird. I’m not complaining Spike, I just don’t get it, I’m not gay, or at least I wasn’t yesterday, but I’ve got these feelings for you, and, and I kinda like them, but at the same time they kinda scare me too.”
He trailed off into silence not knowing what else to say.
“It’s alright love, I‘ve no idea what happened t’make you feel the way you do, but tell y’the truth Xan, I ain’t complainin’ either. Told ya pet, I’ll not hurt ya, or force y‘to do anything ya don’t want. Now, which side of the bed d’ya want?”
“Not bothered, you choose” Xander told him quietly.
“Look love, its not like we’ve not shared a bed before, I’m not gonna sneak up on ya in the middle of the nite, told ya love, just gotta trust me. Not sayin I won’t creep over and cuddle ya, so be prepared pet” he told Xander with a cheeky grin.
Xander relaxed, smiled and shucked out of his clothes getting into bed in his boxers which made Spike smile. He dropped his clothes and climbed in too. Xander was as stiff as a board, laid on his side, back towards Spike.
“Y’ll never sleep like that pet, relax. I’m comin over an’ I’m gonna put my arm round ya and get all that lovely warmth from ya, kay?”
Spike squirmed over so that his chest was against Xander’s back, his arm snaked around him as he luxuriated in the smell and feel and warmth of his Consort to be.
“Xan, go to sleep love, you gotta get used to the feel of me bein here. Night pet.” Spike kissed the back of his neck; Xander gave a shiver and relaxed perceptibly.
“Night Spike” he said, eyes wide open staring in front of him, brain working overtime.
He eventually closed his eyes and as he drifted down into sleep he heard Spike’s voice whisper in his ear.
“Too much thinking love, no need for all that, give it up as a bad job.”
Xander smiled knowing now that Spike had been awake all that time with him, waiting for him to sleep. It comforted him.

Coming to in the morning Xander’s slowly waking brain realised that he was warm, comfy, happy and wrapped around Spike. They were like a pair of limpets and it felt lovely. No other word for it decided Xander, it was lovely. It suddenly dawned on Xander that he could feel something equally hard pressing against his morning erection. Once he realised, it was obvious what it was. His arm slipped down Spike’s back towards his ass and settled there whilst he tried to decide if he really should touch or not.


Far too soon for touching Spike dick, he had enough with Xander dick for the time being. But Spike did have a nice ass he reflected as his hand traced the shape of the nearest buttock, smooth, soft yet firm. As he was fondling Spike’s perfectly formed bum cheek he moved his hips gently and his dick pressed further against Spike’s. God it felt delicious.
“You keep this up pet an’ your gonna havta take a restrainin’ order out on me!” Spike’s voice croaked in his ear.
“Shit, sorry, sorry, didn’t mean – sorry, shouldn’t, sorry.”
“I’m not pet. You can stroke my ass any time you feel the need, long as I get to reciprocate huh?”
Xander buried his head further into Spike’s neck to hide his embarrassment.
“Don’t blush love, nothing wrong with what ya doin’. Talk to me?”
Xander pressed his lips to Spike’s neck before looking up into his yellow eyes.
“Keep this up Xan – on second thoughts you’d better not keep it up love. Can’t help wanting when I’ve got the hottest piece of ass in five centuries in bed with me!”
Xander snorted, yeah as if, he thought, Spike was being nice to him for some strange reason.
“D’you think I don’t mean it Xander?” Spike was incredulous.
“Well duh! The name’s Harris not Pitt!”
“By the time I’ve finished with you love you’ll know you are the best thing on two legs – well with just the one exception, yours truly!”
“I know what I am Spike an’ it’s not some hot guy the babes go for, or the guy’s for that matter.”
“Who the fuck knocked all that confidence outa you pet? Xander, you my lovely, are an ambassador for our time. If that doesn’t give you some pride in yourself, then think about, bugger – no, can’t go there. You are a good lookin boy, demon magnet no less, in the words of Xan you are fair to look upon pet.”
“He said that?”
Spike nodded, he wasn’t really lying, Xan had said William and his Consort were fair. Xander brightened, Spike could feel the change.

“Can I kiss you love?”
A shiver ran through Xander at Spike’s request and he tilted his face up to him.
Spike lowered his mouth gently to Xander’s expectant mouth, ghosting across soft, warm, pliant lips, anticipating the taste and feel of his Consort. He pressed his mouth to Xander who trembled in his arms, his lips parted wanting Spike inside him, exploring, owning. He wasn’t disappointed, Spike entered him gently, tongue searching, tasting, roaming Xander’s mouth mapping its contours like a cartographer. Xander was lovely, like a gift in layers and layers of wrapping and he was only opening the second layer. It was exquisite. Spike reluctantly pulled away to allow Xander to breathe.
“You are beautiful Xander, don’t ever let anyone tell you any different, you taste like bloody ambrosia love. You – are – driving - me – wild. Was – you OK pet?”
Xander could only nod. That must have been the best kiss of his entire life. It had left him speechless. He wanted more, but would more be just as good, or was that one brilliant cause it was kinda the first proper kiss. Only one way to find out. He pulled Spike’s head towards him and tentatively kissed him back, doing his own exploration.

Nope. Not a fluke. The second was just as good he thought grinning goofily.
“Can we do that some more later?” Spike was looking dazed. His eyes kept going all glowy and yellow.
“Spike? Going a bit vampy there, is everything alright?”
“No love, it’s bloody not alright. You’re – bugger! How long you say we’re here, nearly 4 years?”
Xander nodded.
Spike sighed.
“Come on love, time to get up, go have a shower before I say or do something stupid. Kay?”
“Are you mad with me, did I do something wrong – should - shouldn’t I have kissed you again?”
“How could I be mad with you pet? Your kisses are – you undo me Xander. I loose control with you and I can’t, I just can’t afford to do that, cause you’re not ready. I don’t want to scare you love. So, go, shower, now!”

Xander’s brain was buzzing. He hugged Spike to him and kissed him quickly before jumping up and rushing to get in the shower.
“And make sure you leave some bloody hot water!” Spike shouted after him. He wondered if they still had bromide in this century, cause he was gonna bloody need it soon. Xander had no idea of the effect he was having on him Spike mused.
Xander showered happily, gave his dick an extra good soaping to help relieve some of his pressure, and god what wonderful relief it was. He only had to think of Spike’s blue eyes flecked with gold looking at him and he came hard and fast, so hard he felt rather light headed. He was very pleased that he’d kept so quiet, Spike would never know.
When he finished showering the water stopped and the warm air jets blasted his body until he was completely dry. He didn’t have anything else so he grudgingly put his dirty boxers back on and headed into the bedroom to be faced with a golden eyed Spike. In fact his ridges were starting to show.
“What? What’s wrong?”
“Next time pet, I’ll take the first shower OK?” and he quickly pulled Xander to him kissing him hard, forcing his tongue into Xander’s mouth, taking him, owning him, just as quickly releasing him.
“Yeah love, precisely what I’d like to do.”
Spike stalked naked into the shower and waited for the water to hit, holding himself, breathing in Xander’s scent it took him seconds to come. Still not satisfied he washed his hair, rinsed then soaped himself down, pushed two fingers into himself, hissing at the pain; undeterred he eased in an out rubbing against his prostate he jacked off under the warm water to thoughts of fucking Xander. He felt better afterwards, less tense, and sorry with how he had treated Xander. He’d have to apologise.

He strolled into the bedroom and Xander automatically looked up as he heard him. Unable to tear his eyes from Spike’s still semi hard dick he started blushing furiously.
“I’m sorry for being rough love, you just – I could smell – y’know?”
Xander nodded, still agog. Spike noticed where Xander’s eyes were and he started to get hard once more.
“For the love of god Spike, put your jeans on – please, before my eyes fall outa their sockets?”
Spike laughed and his cock bobbed up and down delightfully. He turned around and bent down for his jeans hearing Xander gasp behind him. He was a bad vamp!
He had only just dressed when Xan and Wil came a calling.